How do I set a Soul intention?


A Soul Intention is a little different to an everyday intention. It is not the same as waking up and setting your intention for how you are going to experience your day. It is not about achieving goals or about how you take action towards any specific goal. 

A Soul Intention is something that deeply resonates with your being. A Soul Intention is something that responds to the voice of your Higher Self and it is something that makes your heart sing. A Soul Intention is one that moves you forward toward your potential, it shifts you and aligns you with what you need to do to become your future self.

It can be elusive, you can disregard it with many excuses and reasons why not. BUT, when you do hit on a Soul Intention it will change you forever.

Think about your secret dreams, the ones you don’t share with anyone, the ones you’d love to come true for your life.

They may be simple like having children and nurturing a family in love, to offer your kids a sanctuary where they can grow and experience a rich childhood readying them for a life of fulfilment.

They may be on a grander scale. To build a business that is secure and successful around what you love to do and be.

Or even bigger, to touch the lives of millions of people with a message of self love, self responsibility, kindness and connection.

All 3 of these are Soul Intentions, each one of them mine and each one was set at a different part of my journey and path.

A Soul Intention is a yearning, it is not an idea or something that might be nice one day.

It is something that will leave your life incomplete if it isn’t manifest. You could say it is your Soul’s goal, and the journey to that outcome is your life, your experience of you.

The intention is the seed of knowing that what you desire will be yours. And, with a Soul Intention that which you desire wants you more and is waiting for you to take action, to move towards your Soul’s goal with the intention that this is yours already.

You may have to do many things to fulfil your Soul’s intention… you know…kiss a few frogs before you find your prince and grow a family (I certainly did), the thing here is to enjoy the search, have fun with the frogs, explore yourself through your relationships.

You may have to discover what you definitely don’t want to do in business before you become the person you need to be to create the business that lights your Soul on fire every day. I found that I resisted the idea that I could build a business around my spiritual gifts, the more I resisted the harder it was for me to succeed at anything else. When I did surrender, the flame of excitement was ignited and I haven’t looked back since.

AND, you may have to face many fears before becoming visible enough to touch the hearts and minds of many with your message of change, I know I am in the process of that now.

You see, that’s what Soul Intentions do, they set you on a path of self discovery, they take you to places where your secret inner world is exposed so that you can be the future self you need to be to live a life of purpose aligned to your essence, to your Soul.

Setting a Soul Intention has a process which gets deeper and more powerful with practice.

  1. Find your stillness and your centre. Connect with your breathing and slow everything down within you. If your mind is full of chatter, notice it, thank it, let it be, it will go if you let it.

  2. Bring into being in your mind’s eye what your life would look like if you could be anything, if you had no limits or barriers. Be brave here, be bold, be expansive, be you.

  3. Allow that vision to grow and build, have colour and texture.

  4. Sink into your heart space and feel yourself living it. Allow your heart to open, vibrate, expand, sing!

  5. Come back to your centre, and journal your experience, this begins the process of grounding all that you can imagine and desire.

  6. Come back to your life, take a good look around it, be honest about what needs to change for you to move towards your vision. List 5 things.

  7. What things can you do to move towards these changes and your vision. Another time to be brave!

  8. How excited are you to know this is coming for you. NOTE, you may be feeling anxious, this is the same vibration as excitement all that happens is that you associate it with your past and fear, know this, and choose to be excited it will change everything for you.

  9. How grateful are you for all you have already, all you are and all you will be? Write it down, list the long list of things you can feel gratitude for.

  10. Take one brave action towards your vision.

Your vision is your Soul’s Intention. The steps from now to there are the process of vibrational up-levelling and spiritual growth that must occur for you to find yourself living it.


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