How do I tune in to my intuition?


You’ve asked yourself many times, ‘how do I tune into my intuition’, yet the answer still seems elusive.  That sixth sense, that mystical power feels out of reach to you.  Or perhaps you tune in for a moment and then it all goes fuzzy as the white noise of your mind chatter drowns out the subtle vibration of your spiritual connection.

Let’s first off define what intuition is and what it is not.

It is not, that inner voice that tells you to be afraid.  It is not your mind chatter telling you you’ll never amount to much and that you’ve not managed to get it right ‘again’.  Intuition does not stem from your emotions.  Intuition is not physically based and does not produce physical feelings.  

It is not a ‘gut feeling’.  This is an emotional response to past conditioning, it is based on unconscious beliefs of whether something is good or bad and can be unreliable. Your gut feeling will come into play when you are about to do something that will change your life forever, it can be felt as anxiety, rather than excitement depending on your experience of life so far, this is not your intuition guiding you forward neutrally, this is your unconscious throwing up a somatic response to tell you to stop, its job is to keep you safe after all, to ensure you survive.

Intuition is your guide to your own knowing.  It comes from your Higher Self or Higher Mind, it is your link to your spirit, your essence.  It does not have a yes/no button, a good/bad meter or high or low vibration.  It simply conveys your personal truth, the truth of your being, the truth of your purpose and the truth of your Soul.

So… got that?  Intuition will NEVER be charged with emotion.  The intuitive information will come through emotionless.

Then, though,… it is likely you will attribute an emotion to it which can negate your inner knowing.  You’ll recognise what I’m talking about I am sure.  You get an intuitive hit, for me that is a quiet gentle voice within me, I recognise this voice well as it has been with me my whole life, I haven’t always listened to it though.  Quite often the voice will bring something through and immediately my inner critic voice (this one is loud and harsh) will override the information and tell me I’m ridiculous to listen to it.  Quite often self doubt will wipe it out, to find only a few days later for it to be clearly true for my best life.  

Tuning into my intuition for me now is easy.  AND, more importantly, I listen to it.  My personal truth is how I live and I am passionate about empowering others to live that way too.  So how do you do it, effectively, easily, everyday?  How do you tune into your intuition?

My process, which I’ll share with you here is simple.

  1. Get to know yourself.
  2. Get to know yourself.
  3. Get to know yourself.

It really is that simple. 

Getting to know yourself and understanding your inner make-up can be a difficult thing.  A mine field of information that feels like it will blow up in your life and change things forever.  

Getting to know yourself, means loving yourself so that the inner critic voice (the harsh loud one) cannot drown out your intuition.

Getting to know yourself involves uncovering all your inner limiting beliefs that form your emotional intelligence so that you become the master of your emotions rather than the other way around.  Remember your intuition does not hold an emotional charge.

Ok, well if my intuition doesn’t hold an emotional charge why do I have to master my emotions to hear it?

 Well, because everything else you do in life, does have an emotional charge, happy or sad, negative or positive learning what these things mean to you and where they originate will allow you to discern what is your core belief, what is an emotional response based on past conditioning and what is your spiritual truth.

Once you begin to look inside yourself, to your unconscious core beliefs you will understand how important this is. You will understand that your unconscious or as I call it, your Shadow holds the answers to many many things in your life, you will also understand how this aspect of you holds you back and stops you from being all that you can be, it stops you from connecting to your Higher Self out of fear of the responsibility of your amazing potential.


  1. Get to know your Shadow, your unconscious governs up to 90% of your behaviour and emotions, it makes sense doesn’t it to befriend that part of you.
  2. Understand your emotional triggers, the situations and people that evoke an emotional response, why you get triggered and where that original emotion comes from in your life.
  3. Practice being centred, knowing who you are (warts and all) allows you to stay centred whatever is happening around you.
  4. Practice being grounded, connecting to our Earth, taking action based on what you want to achieve and living in the now.  Without being grounded your intuition has a hard time to come through to you, so grounding yourself is very important.
  5. Notice the voice of your intuition, it might be very small and quiet to begin with, observe, do not judge, coax it to be louder.
  6. Notice when you ignore it and which other aspect drowns it out most.  Self doubt will most often be what comes through, if it does, go back to point 1, get to know the doubter within your Shadow, until its voice doesn’t hold such power within you.  It will be a safety survival response, that is no longer helpful and will be holding you back from all you can be.
  7. Practice being still, with stillness comes a greater feeling of your own personal power, and it allows space and time for you to listen to your Higher Self.  If stillness doesn’t come easily, write out a brain dump before you find your stillness, emptying your mind of everything that is whirling around in there.
  8. Actively invite your intuition to come through, this may take some more practice, or it may happen immediately, whatever your experience, do not judge it, notice it as in point 5.
  9. Journal your experience, this helps you to stay grounded as in point 4.  It brings the information from your Higher Self to life in our World.
  10. Live your personal truth, take action on your intuition.  This grounds it further, this makes it real, this builds your intuitive confidence, and we all know what happens when we are confident around something, it becomes easier and easier.

Tuning into your intuition will empower you to live a life that is aligned with your Soul, one that is based on your own personal truth and one that moves you towards your purpose and potential with every breath and step you take.

Tuning into your intuition will become second nature if you practice the steps above.

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