How to Activate Your Highest Potential

When we talk about our “highest potential and flow,” we speak like it’s the Holy Grail. We think, “If only we can attain it, we’ll be able to…x-y-z.”

The thing is, living in flow and being in our highest potential means taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your behaviors, and your actions. That means that everything is shadow work.

This week, I had a wonderful time chatting with Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Coaching From Spirit Institute on her podcast, The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur.

Inside the episode, I’m covering these crucial shadow work topics so you can embrace your highest potential and truly live in flow:

  • What is shadow work? (Breaking it down to its simplest form)
  • Why shadow work is such a powerful path to transformation – on every level
  • How shadow work balances masculine and feminine energies
  • How challenge becomes opportunity when you are consistently showing up and leaning into shadow work
  • Rather than success as an outcome, how to embrace shadow work and success consciousness
  • How shadow work opens up your intuitive channel and leads to action that is based on your highest potential and flow

Listen to the powerful interview here. 

And if you want to activate your quantum abilities to attract aligned clients, customers, and business solutions…

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