How to Advance Your Spiritual Awareness and Connection in 4 Simple Steps.

Your connection is an important factor in your feelings of self belief, as is your spiritual awareness.  Being able to hear your intuitive guidance system and know you are never alone and are part of something infinite allows you to feel supported.  It also gives you and idea of your own power, one that brings change to your life and to the collective as you grow.

When you believe in yourself, everything is possible.  When you trust yourself you will never make a wrong turn, and when you know you have a hot wire to divine inspiration and creativity you turn into a powerhouse of manifestation in your own life.

I have a really easy process to help you advance your spiritual awareness and connection, it is something I teach my clients and that I use in my own life.  It works.      

i have a really easy process to help you advance your spiritual awareness and connection, it is something i teach my clients and that i use in my own life. it works.

  1. clear your mind and centre your energy.

    This sounds obvious, and you have probably heard it before.  BUT, this is a powerful tool in terms of advancing your spiritual awareness and connection.  You have to clear your mind.

    However much you sit with the intention of stillness, of quiet and of being centred, if you still have the shopping list, the to do list or the argument you just had with your partner, or a feeling of unfairness around how a colleague has treated you, or you are feeling triggered about something happening in your business then your mind is not clear, neither is your energy.

    So, write it out of you in a stream of consciousness, not to explore it as in journalling, but to dump it onto the page.  Free write everyday, 3 pages of whatever is in your mind.  Do this before you settle down to sit and connect with yourself.

    Once you’ve cleared your mind chatter, and it is important that you do as continually thinking about something means that you are attaching energetically to it which means your energy isn’t focused or centred.  To really hear your intuitive guidance, you need to call your energy back to you.

    Here’s how.  

    Sit with your back up straight and your feet connected to the ground, come into your centre with your mind’s eye, then with a very strong intention call your energy (from wherever it is in the Universe) back to your centre, to your midline.  Remember,  it is  your energy. You have dominion over it. You have power over it. Make the decision that you want it to be within you, in your center, in your midline, so that you can hear your higher self.

    Notice how that feels, your mind is clear, your energy is centred and focussed, you are still, grounded and in your power.
  2. connect with your higher self.  

    Your higher self is your spiritual connection, you are an aspect of it.  Your higher self knows all you will ever need.  Your higher self comes through on a neutral vibration it will not hold an emotional charge.  It will come through on a neutral voice. But that neutral voice can sometimes be so quiet because your other voices, your inner voices are so very loud, particularly your self doubt, especially in this case.  Learning to recognize your neutral voice comes with practice.                          

    And, it often comes with hindsight. “Ah, I knew that was gonna happen.” When you have those moments, when you recognize that you heard yourself, that you didn’t act, that’s when you use your journal.

    Because the next time you hear your higher self flickering within you with guidance, information or knowing you are going to use that awareness. You are going to use that connection and go and do something with it, this is how inspired actions are born.

    To give you an example here.

    Perhaps you are asking your higher self, “What can I do this week, to live a happier life, to have a more fulfilled business?” An idea will come through into your mind, or a picture of something into your mind’s eye, or a kind of a tingling in your skin may occur (you know the goosebumps thing), that is a sign that your higher self is guiding you.

    Trust it, notice where it’s guiding you and go there.

    Don’t forget it, don’t talk yourself out of it, go and do it.

    This is you co-creating with the Universe.  Wanting something, asking for guidance, heeding the information that is in your awareness and taking action, and when you take action you press the ‘GO’ button on your energetic connection and things shift in your life.

    More than that, you gain confidence in yourself, you know your questions are being heard and answered and as you learn to live in the flow of your spiritual awareness you will feel at peace with yourself and excited about your life.


    It is important to use positive language when connecting with your higher self.
    Something that can seem difficult if you are finding life a challenge.
    Here are some examples of what I mean.

    If you are thinking  

    “Oh my gosh, this is never gonna happen.” Or,
    “Oh my gosh, so and so is really upsetting me.”

    The questions you need to be asking your higher self are,
    “How can I experience a better relationship with so and so and so and so?
    How can I push my boundaries a little bit, and expand myself, and move towards my potential?”
  3. reframe your thoughts.  

    Now, the reframe.

    The main interruption to your spiritual awareness and your intuitive guidance will be your inner voice of self doubt.  Self doubt is something we all have and it is something you can overcome with practice.

    Whatever resistance you have in your mind, whatever doubts these are opportunities and clues.  They are the hooks that will lead you to a growth point in your inner world.  The trick is to reframe them into powerful questions.

    “I’m so tired, I can’t see a way forward” reframes to

    “How can I easily move forwards in my life right now?”

    Asking your higher self a positive question will empower you, rather than affirming something that doesn’t serve you.

    Another reframe:

    “No one in my family respects my views” reframes to

    “How can I easily express my views and remain fully present with my loved ones”

    And, one more

    “I’m feeling stuck in my business help me” reframes to

    “How can I easily find my next step in my business”

     The more you reframe your negative excuses and statements, the more you will uncover all sorts of magical things within you and the more you’ll be able to hear your higher self.
  4. be grateful for everything you have.  

    Celebrate every single thing that you do.

    Be grateful for everything in your life.

    Even if you feel like it’s a failure, reframe it.  

    A great friend, years ago, suggested to me that I make some cold calls, actually he told me to call everyone I knew and tell them about my new venture.   I was horrified, and all of my self doubt, negative excuses and resistance come up.    

    “I can’t do that. They’ll not want me. They won’t want to hear what I’ve got to say, you’re setting me up to fail”.

    He nodded wisely me at back then and told me ‘it’s not the outcome that you’ll be celebrating, it’s the fact that you were brave and you went and did it.”

    That’s what I say here. There’s no failures. There’s celebration in action. There’s celebration in connection. There’s celebration in expansion of your awareness. There’s celebration in processing, always, so make sure that you’re doing that. Because the energy of celebration, combined with the energy of gratitude, means that you’re loving yourself. If you’re loving yourself, then you will be moving towards all that you can be.

    Love, after all, is the highest vibration of our whole universe and something that lifts us, and acts like a magnet. If you love you, then all sorts of other things come towards you.
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