How to Connect with Your Intuitive Guidance and Higher Self

What is your higher self?

This is my perspective, I connect with my higher self often and it is something that I do with and for my clients daily.

Your higher self is your spiritual connection to the one, to source, to the bigger consciousness. Your higher self is vast, as big as the whole Universe.  Your higher self is all knowing, and your higher self is patient in this knowing as it sees the master plan.

You may look at your higher self as an aspect of you, but I want to give you the idea that it is the other way around. That you are an aspect of your higher self. 

You have come to our world and this life to co-create with the universe. To experience all that you uniquely can. You as an aspect of your higher self, has come down to inhabit a physical body in order to experience energy in motion (emotion). With which to expand the greater consciousness.  

As humans, we tend to think that we are the only thing or the best thing or the one thing. I suggest you to look at it the other way around. That we are a small aspect of that wonderful huge potential. That bigger consciousness that is the Universe, the Multiverse and beyond. 

The things is that we find it difficult in our limited consciousness here, in this heaviness of our planet, in the vibration that we hold, to access the spiritual realms and listen to the guidance of our higher self as much as we would like to. I find it quite easy as I’ve had years of practice (its a muscle after all, you’ve got to use it), but I know lots of you out there find it something that is erratic, distant or downright absent. You don’t trust your own inner voice. That inner voice, that neutral voice is your higher self.

Your higher self knows what you need to have in your life, she knows what you can do, and she wants you to be brave.   Why? Because a lot of what she sends you will take you to the edge of your own boundaries, or your own limiting beliefs, or outside your comfort zone. She will ask you to surpass all that you think is good in your life,  demanding more from you at every turn, showing you your potential, scaring you, pushing you, offering you the riches that you want in your life.  She will NEVER lead you into something that does not serve you.  Even the most difficult of situations will be unlocking the door to your future.

So if you find your settled in your successes, if you are comfortable in your life, if you are in a good place, take a look around, go within, ask yourself, is there more for me?  Then listen out for that calm, peaceful voice of your higher self.  She’ll be there ready to take you on to your next step, to your next level, to your potential. And, trust me here, your potential is infinite. 

Connecting to your own intuitive guidance. How do you do that? We all know, really.

1) Sit in meditation.

Listen to yourself, to your inner voice. Your higher self, your intuitive guidance will not come through with any emotion attached to it. It will come through neutrally. It is the observer’s voice, or the whisper, or the feeling, or the knowing, and it doesn’t come through to each of us in the same way. 

If you do get an emotional content to a message, that will be something that you are bringing up and putting your own perspective on.

To give you an example:

Lately, my high self is telling me to go bigger. Is telling me to get out into the world, come away from social media and be very visible about who I am and what I believe in.

That, to me, is the way forward, but you know what, it scares me to death.

I’ve actually got to go and stand up, get dressed, go out, and network with people in real time.

Now, there is no option for me. I’m going to do it. I’m going to be brave and I’m really working on that now and next year, I’ve already got three speaking gigs coming up in London, which I’m very excited about.

The emotions of excitement and the fear come in after my initial hit of knowing.  That comes through to me like a whisper and it comes through when I’m very quiet. 

Usually, if I’m driving, or if I’m dancing, or if I’m working out.  When I’ve got to a place where my mind chatter has cleared. I’ve gone through the shopping list of the day, I’ve thought about all of the things that I want to achieve, I’ve cleared up the house and put the washing on. (something that is part of my daily routine, I like to have clear space). When you’ve written all of the stuff out of my head and I’ve settled, to journal, or meditate, or dog walk, thats when my inspiration comes through to me.

This guidance may seem obtuse:

It might be, “Go back to sleep.”

It might be that you need to actually nurture yourself and nourish yourself. It might be, “Get up. Go for a walk. Clear your mind.”

These things are your intuitive guidance.

It also might be the phone ringing out of the blue with someone want you to go and speak at their event. (This happened to me recently).  This is your higher self sending you opportunities.

Start to recognise your intuitive guidance, your higher self speaking through you, or to you via your life.

2) Start keeping what I call a neutral or observer’s voice journal.

I used to ignore the voice of my higher self, slowly though, I started to think… hmmm.. I knew that was going to happen.  Then I started to take action on the whisper, on the knowing that came through. After a little while, I started to get really confident and I started to recognise the vibration of my own higher self, of intuitive guidance system.

The things is if you’re not listening, your higher self has got a job to do. It has to send you all you need to know so that you can weave around your life and really achieve the things that you’re here to achieve. If your higher self is not getting through or you’re not listening or you’re not recognising that neutral voice that comes through, or if you are hearing the neutral voice but then attaching an emotion to it immediately, your higher self will send you information or messages in a different way. It will send you animals. It will send you dreams. It will send you guides or it will send you people. All of which will be coming to help you recognise where you can go. To help you recognise the doors that are opening for you and actually take action on them.

So journalling daily will help you to decipher the voice of your higher self so that you begin to listen more intently and you begin to act upon this precious guidance.

One thing to add here, your higher self, your intuitive guidance system, is completely linked in with your own feelings of self believe. If you’ve got a lot of self doubt, if you have a lot of mind chatter, you probably won’t be hearing your higher self, and you probably won’t be acting on your intuitive guidance as much as you could, or want to. Overcoming your own self doubt and really believing in yourself is something that will seriously help you in your movement through life. In the steps that you take as you go along.

Journalling will help you clear your mind chatter and create the space in your energy to record your higher self.

3) Free writing                            

One of the ways that I suggest to my clients of clearing their mind initially in the morning is to do free writing. If you go on my blog, one of the earliest blogs that I wrote was about free writing.

You know what it’s like when you clear out your wardrobe, your closet, of all the old clothes that you haven’t worn for days or weeks or months or years.  You create space. 

This is the same thing with free writing. You write three pages.  Stream of consciousness writing. Don’t read it. It is not for that. It is is to clear space in your mind so that you can hear. 

Then you will start to recognise the knowing within you and you start to notice and record its messages.

You start to think, “Oh my gosh, look. There’s three crows. That’s really unusual in my house, in my garden to see three crows. What’s that about?”

I can tell you if you are seeing crows that is your higher self asking you to look at the magic that you have within you. To look at your own uniqueness and the fact that you can see things that other people don’t see.  The crow comes to invite you to have a look at the magic within yourself and celebrate it.

Lots of love,


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