How to Live your Full Potential - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor


Do you listen to your inner voice? Not the harsh mean voice that tells you off, and likes to keep you small and stuck and safe, but the calm, confident voice that says ‘yes that’s the way’. Can you even hear it in the midst of everything you task yourself to do on a day to day basis.

 Your higher self talks to you, guides you with inner messages. It is you – all of you, not just your human being, but all of your energy and consciousness.  It connects you to all there is and knows the way along your path.  It will never show you a wrong turn – because even situations that feel difficult and uncomfortable are exactly what you needed to experience in order to continue along your individual adventure of life.

Your higher self is your constant possibility. The possibility of being your best self, your higher purpose in life, and offers you more and more potential as and when you are able to receive it.  

It is duality, in that you fulfil your potential in the now of the moment, in every breath you take, just by being you, and it is that intention of reaching for more, the curiosity for a deeper meaning, a richer truth and a more powerful connection to love.

Your higher self is you – Do you listen?

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