How to Over the Biggest Inner Gremlin You Have - Guilt!

How to Get Over the Biggest Inner Gremlin You Have – Guilt!

Want to overcome the one of the biggest inner gremlins that can play havoc with your energy?

Lets talk about Guilt.

Feeling guilty is a feminine malaise.

You feel guilty that you're staying at home to nurture and launch your children.

You feel guilty that you're following your dream of building a business.

You feel guilty that you're not happy living a 'normal' life like everyone else seems to be.

You feel guilty that you have more than others (mother/siblings/the 3rd World).

You even feel guilty when you succeed and welcome abundance.

Guilt can be a constant bed fellow... Can you relate?

Guilty because you've not spoken to your mother, guilty that you didn't spend time with your kids today, guilty that you're not loved up on your partner enough this week, guilty that you're not reaching your goals.... I could go on, I bet deep within you feel guilty about a lot of unspoken things, unrecognised things. In fact, I'm going to go a step further and suggest that somehow you feel guilty of existing.

Guilt comes from not feeling worthy of being you. It comes from not owning your own power, and from taking on the need to over give to be valid and to have a role other than the amazing role of experiencing life as you.

Guilt is self punishment, it is the predisposition and the self judgement that you are a bad person, that you deserve to be punished -heck I bet you even feel guilty about feeling guilty.

Ultimately, guilt falls into victim energy. It stops you from being yourself.

When you can step around this and understand that you are worthy of living a wonderful life, that your dreams are your birthright, that you are Source energy in manifestation and that each and every soul has his own experience to express guilt slips away.

Our culture conditions us early through religion, in particular that women/girls are original sin personified and this plays out insidiously and unconsciously in our inner world.

I'm here to remind you - YOU are wonderful, powerful and free. YOU are loving, compassionate and full of light.

You are perfect in your imperfections, let go of the guilt of being you. Know you are worthy of great things, and that great thing is being YOU.

I'll give you a channelled mantra today:

"I am compassionate, I am whole, I am me and I am free. I living in the energy of light and abundance knowing I am worthy of this beautiful life"

To ground this energy, do something today that affirms the mantra.

Comment below with how you feel as you say the mantra.

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Susie G - 8th February 2018 Reply

I have been feeling guilty about being me. Each time I try to make the shift, my surroundings remind me of how inadequate I feel… then I go back to feeling guilty. – Thank you for the reminder and thank you for the mantra, I do intend to repeat it passionately so it becomes a new more empowering truth.

    Sarah - 7th March 2018 Reply

    I have a saying Susie. ‘You Don’t need permission to be you’. You are never inadequate, you are never guilty in living. Noticing your patterns is the first step and having determination that are going to change things is the second.

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