Intentional Living: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now.


Do you live your life on purpose? This is intentional living and if you’ve answered yes to this question you are well on your way to achieving your dreams whatever they may be.

If you answered no, or you thought ‘live life on purpose – what does that mean?’ then it is time to set the powerful intention to change this.

Intentional living or as I described it above, living life on purpose means choosing how your daily life unfolds. Consciously choosing to work and play in ways that bring peace, calm, happiness and health into your life.

It means deciding that the things you do are what you want to do, not what you think you should. It means choosing the people you surround yourself with so that your friends and colleagues warm your heart and interest you rather than drain or irritate you, or you find you spend time with them through habit or duty or misplaced loyalty. It means knowing what you want in your life and letting go of the things you don’t want or need any more, yet you keep around you through laziness or fear of change.

It means speaking your absolute truth, so that you articulate how you feel inside and explain what you need and want with love, rather than pasting a smile on your face, telling everyone you are ‘fine’, when your mind chatter plays out conversations you wished you could have if you were braver. It means taking action towards achieving your desires, never measuring your knock backs as failures but rather as situations that come towards you to so that you learn exactly what you need to to step closer to those big dreams.

It means taking responsibility for your self and your life. To leave blame outside the door, your life is yours, do not become a victim to it or to situations or people around you, take responsibility always. Outside forces will always come towards us and create challenges, lets re-frame these challenges as opportunities for growth. Face them head on, with a sense of excitement and determination knowing that you are fully equipped to deal with absolutely everything.

In my life I know that I lived in ‘react’ mode for years. I was felt like I was fire fighting, I made bad decisions that led to difficult and broken relationships, I found myself in situations that were absolutely wrong for me because I didn’t really know who I was inside, I lived as I thought I ‘should’, being what I thought everyone around me wanted me to me. I people pleased, looked after everyone else around me without taking any time for me and the work I did was because of the money, nothing else. For years I was numb, unhappy, unhealthy and lacked energy for anything. I was living in a vortex of not knowing, of not choosing, of not understanding that my life could have real meaning on a day to day basis. I had no idea that I could become the master of my life, that I could live intentionally and with purpose and love it.

The 3 things I do, that make such a difference to my life are simple and easy, but they take you into intention living every time you use them.

1. I know myself well.

I spend time investing in building my awareness of my emotions, my behaviour patterns and repeating situations in my life. This gives me a rich understanding of who I am and the ability to be the best I can be in any given moment. Knowing yourself, mastering your inner world allows you to make life choices based on who you are not who you think you should be.

2. I love myself.

I look after my body, I look after my mind, I look after my heart. I put myself first, I spend time alone and meditate on my life, the decisions I make and what I want to create. To love yourself means that you come from a place of fulness of heart, and don’t seek outside forces to fulfil you, it means knowing you are absolutely enough, that you are worthy and that you are supported and loved by the Universe.

3. I take action towards my goals.

So, I put my money where my mouth is. If you have a dream, it won’t happen unless you take step by step action towards it, with a full heart, and a powerful intention.

So if you are living without intention, if you are living by reacting to outside forces, take a moment, take a breath, and start to master your inner world, open your heart to the love you have for yourself.

Decide how you want your life to be lived, and then take action towards it.

Intentional living means living on purpose, and will create a life you love.

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