Is This The Beginning? (Blogging Challenge Day 3) - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

27th August 1967.. an auspicious day for me. I was born into this World and began to live the life I'm aware of now. Seems like a long long time ago yet only yesterday. You know that feeling, when you look back and see how far you've come in what is years and years in our illusion of time but is really just the blink of an eye in the existence of the Universe.

So when did I begin. This is something that I ponder on over and over, if feels like I'm getting clearer on the answer, on the truth based on my consciousness and my perception. I began at the beginning.

Urghhh... the mind boggles at this point, there is a lot of mind boggling going on at different periods of my life. But this particular boggle has been a recurring theme. What on Earth am I? Well, I am of this Earth, I know that as I've got a body and if I listen to science and the scientists (I was taught they were to be revered and listened to as they knew how to explain everything and could prove certain things without doubt) the reason I've got a body is because of natural selection and evolution of our species. I've read some books that can track that back to when we were fish with gills, no legs. I've read some books that talk about God and the Creator and how I am designed in his likeness... except then I look around and see so many other people who don't look like me in anyway I wonder 'how can I be designed in God's likeness (what is that anyway?) when I'm obviously unique.' The thing is, from an early age I questioned. My mind would talk to me, I would listen to what was being said around me, I would look at the World I saw, and the one that other people didn't (have I mentioned yet that I see angels, fairies, spiritual beings, aliens, different dimensions and parallel universes) and think to myself what, why and how? Most of the time my questioning would not take me anywhere near to a satisfactory answer, no one could really answer my questions.

is this the beginning

Where did I begin?

The more I pose this question, the more I am shown my own truth. That I am of the Universe not just this Earth, that I began when it did, that I am the Universe expressing itself through me. My experience adds to the riches the Universe has to offer, the abundance available to everyone when they wake up to the fact that they too are of the Universe and an expression of it. AND that the point is to experience life, every bit of it fully.

And then my mind boggles a bit more and comes around to AHHH... I really did begin at the beginning, The beginning of the Universe and this life I'm living is only a small, minute part of the Universe' existence and therefore mine. Then I understand that word evolution. The Universe is evolving through my experience.... and the mind boggles again.

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Kevin Skinner - 11th December 2016 Reply

Hi Sarah, and thank you. I am getting so much enjoyment from reading your blog. The mind that questions tends to boggle, and then boggling, questions again. I think perhaps the questioning and boggling mind is central to the purpose of our existence, for how else can the universe through it’s manifestation of us become aware of it’s self. To “know thyself” is to know the universe and in turn for the universe to become self aware. This stage of conscious evolution that we are waking up to is like the blossoming of a beautiful bloom,and our desire to peer down the stem of the living universe of which we are a part, to see our true origins, as we open our eyes and blink in it’s glorious multicoloured light, lays the essential foundations for this conscious evolution. You have described that process beautifully and with such clarity here. – Kevin

    Sarah - 12th December 2016 Reply

    Reading your comment gave me goosebumps. I love your analogy of this moment in our consciousness as a blossoming bloom. Here, though, my mind is asking, which part of me is blossoming, my awareness, my whole consciousness, the Universe? I know my consciousness is spread far from me and exists outside and inside and all around, I just can’t quite catch it with my awareness yet…. but I am opening up to more, so it is me and my awareness of possibility that is blossoming I guess.

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