How To Have A Life Filled With Curiosity Excitement & Joy

Do you want a life filled with curiosity, excitement and joy?

Of course you do!

So, what is stopping you, fear?

Fear is innate in us, it is a reflex embedded in our DNA to ensure our survival. The fact that this encoding happened early in our evolution to give us a fight or flight response to danger (that danger being another creature coming to kill and eat us) doesn’t make any difference.

Fear is a reflex.

But, we are conscious evolved beings (I say that loosely), who are able to discern what is real danger in our everyday lives. Or are we?

I don’t think so. We still live in fear…

  • Fear of not being good enough.
  • Fear of not being liked.
  • Fear of failing at what we choose to do.
  • Fear of being seen for who we really are.
  • Fear of not pleasing others.
  • Fear of stepping into our own power.
  • Fear of speaking our own truth. 
  • Etc.

Do you see how fear limits us? And most of the time these fears are unconscious, inbuilt reflexes that evolved through our childhood and teenage years based on experiences our vulnerable and helpless child endured.

How? By getting to know our inner world, mapping our landscape. Accepting and acknowledging where our ways of being came from and in doing so healing them, changing our energy, changing our responses, changing our actions and choosing our behaviour rather than letting our fear send us into default so we behave as we did when we had no other choice.

Stop living in fear of stepping up as YOU!

Stop living in fear of shining your light!

Stop letting fear block you.

Stripped back all your money blocks, business blocks come down to fear. Fear of your own personal power. I say its time to blow this fear thing out of the water!

If you would like to step into a life you design with curiosity, excitement and joy then get in touch.

My programme The Healer’s Journey is designed to take you deeply into your inner world, uncover inbuilt unconscious patterns of behaviour and thought, accept and understand them, and bring change into your life. The 12 weeks of 1:2:1 sessions, lead you into yourself, all of my work is experiential, which means I facilitate a state of altered consciousness for you, this enables so much change as it gets past all of your reasons why not. Not only will you find a happier more contented place from which to exist, but also you will have all the tools you need to continue your own healing as you carry on with life.

PM me or book a 20 minute clarity call to find out more of how I can help you give fear the push!

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