How Many Coaches Does it Take to Find a Lightbulb Moment? (Blogging Challenge Day 14)

How many Coaches does it take to find a light bulb moment? …NONE… yep, NONE. Because the light bulb moments come from within you!

Lately I’ve been noticing a change in what is being offered. No longer do I hear about Coaching as a facilitating environment, offering strategies, alternative ways, frameworks. I am hearing about how Coaches are going to change my life, my business, my income.


I’m hearing how they can quickly blast through my blocks… really, well I hope they know what my blocks are, because a lot of the time I don’t even know. They talk about how they aren’t ‘cookie cutter’ …. what is that, BTW? More and more people are out there on the bandwagon of quick fixes, high vibe expansion, 5d living, activations and many more ‘words’ that I feel have become industry jargon.

I hear talk of authenticity… yes, GUYS… that means being real, coming from a place of integrity and self awareness, it means being vulnerable (not victim), it means giving all that you can to your clients, it means offering connection, it means working for the clients greatest good, not the Coaches greatest financial pocket.It means continually working on yourself so that you stay fresh, stay interesting and stay in your zone of excellence.

Bladebladebla… now, I’m not one to post anything controversial.

BUT… For heavens sake. When did every single bloody person out there do the same thing.

When did it become the norm to become an expert in something in a couple of years… really… I’d say that’s not an expert, that is clever positioning.

YES if you are on a spiritual path, you are looking for your true self.

YES if you are in business then you need to be clear about who you are.

YES if you are coming up against different blocks they can be worked through.

YES living life with your purpose is the way to be.

BUT… a Coach, Mentor, Healer, Teacher, will only open the door to what you have inside of you. They are there to help you, they cannot fix you. I am a Mentor/Teacher/Healer however you want to phrase it, and I do offer a way through stress and anxiety, I do show you how to uncover your own purpose, and offer advice as to how to open up to your intuitive gifts. I do teach spiritual information and my own way of working energy. I do this by getting to know my clients needs, by talking about the way I work, by connecting with people, by reading their energy and helping them find their spiritual gifts (the ones they were born to work with) I work with real people who are looking for help. I help them, I don’t fix them. I open the door to their inner world, the one that’s been locked shut for a while, and I hold their hand as they walk through… it can be scary in there… but its ok.. I’m with them. Whatever they find can be worked through, whatever they don’t find will be accepted. Their energy is their energy, their growth is their growth, I am unique in that, WHY… because I am me, not because I am a Mentor/Healer/Teacher.. because I am me.

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