Modern Day Shaman – What On Earth is that?


You’ve all heard the word Shaman, right?

You may understand its concept and you may have an idea of what it means. You may not like it, and it may make you feel uncomfortable or you may think it doesn’t relate to you nor can it help you in any way.

More than that, you may feel it isn’t relevant today and describes out dated ways of living.

To some degree, I would agree with you. The idea of a Shaman, medicine man/woman, witch doctor, holding their tribe in energy for their greatest good does feel like something out of a time warp, or something that only happens nowadays in the jungle with indigenous tribes of people. That, though, is not my idea of Shaman, and certainly not my idea of Modern Day Shaman.

The word Shaman was originated from the Tungus tribe of people who lived in Siberia, it means ‘one who sees in the dark’ or ‘one who looks beyond the veil’. For me, this accurately describes my spiritual gifts. I can see into the darkness, without any fear, and see things that others cannot, in energy, in emotion, in the physical, in the past, present and future. I can also see beyond the veil, into the spiritual realms and beyond. I can travel through dimensions and across parallel universes and I can take my client’s energy with me so they can gain insight, collect their energy, be inspired, let go, heal, grow, understand their potential and ultimately connect with who they really are and what they came to share here.

So Shaman is a word I cannot ignore.

Traditionally, the title Shaman cannot be used unless you have been initiated before the age of 30, and the role of Shaman is passed down through families. This for me leaves huge amounts of emerging healers, energy workers, psychic channels and light workers at a loss as to why they are different. Lost as to why they can work energy and why they feel called to make a change in the World.

In our Western World, our initiation is our life’s journey. Challenge and struggle create experience and insight,as well as empathy, compassion, understanding and a real need to make a difference. This is the way of Shaman. They learn their craft by experience of life, through their journey of finding themselves and their path of expansion. They remember their past lives and gifts and they remember what they can do and why they are here.

My twist on this traditional Shaman is to include the psychology of a human as well. I find energetic work needs grounding in this life to make effective lasting change and psychology, together with practical actions, do this. Not much use travelling to a parallel universe in energy to help a client discover insight and healing, if they go on doing the same things. Energetic work, in my experience, must be backed up by practical, grounded actions.

So there we have it, Modern Day Shamanism in the Western World, evolved from our culture, using ancient teachings, spiritual knowledge, and wisdom, passed down from the Ancestors and the Ascended Masters.

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