Are you living your life fuelled by momentum or intention?

Today I’m asking a question.

Do you live a life fuelled by momentum or intention?

I know that I sometimes have to look at my day to day world, take stock and then usually a breath before I start to work out what is important to me for my growth and what isn’t. That can be hard, especially with my persistent inner critic and sometimes my inner people pleaser, but I quiet her and then get back to the business of being me.


My life can be so busy, working with clients, networking, socialising, connecting and working on myself. It can mean that my calendar is full of appointments, events, social gatherings and get togethers either online or in person. It can be so intense that I sometimes cannot take a breath in the day between waking up and sleeping.


It came to the point that I sat myself down and began to wonder who and what it was all for?


I came to the conclusion that I was replaying an old worn out pattern of pleasing everybody else, of wanting to be liked and of not really truly valuing myself and my time. I began to shift through the things I wanted to do and the things I felt I ought to do and the things that I should have just said no to.


Gosh, I felt better.


I found some space in my life, to plan, to focus, to set my intention and to get back to the most important thing…. Me!


When I did that, my body thanked me, I found time to get out into nature, I found time to meditate and channel information for me, not just my clients when I was working, and I found that my feelings of joy for my life returned. I began again to live a life I designed, a life that I lived on purpose with intention.

I’d ask you now, when was the last time you looked at the things you were filling your
life with to see if you actually wanted to do them?

Are you wanting some time to yourself?

Are you living by the clock, not really invested in the things you have planned?

Are you longing for a more fulfilling life, where you don’t find yourself facing burn out?


If this is you, you are living by momentum, riding the wave of time and other peoples energy, reacting to what you’ve got to do, responding to the clock and to the wants and needs of others.

Momentum is tiring, momentum doesn’t allow you space to feel anything, momentum clouds authenticity, honesty and self care. Momentum leads to burn out and to a life full of ‘stuff’ that you don’t really want to do or be.

I say, STOP for a moment, take a breath and settle into yourself. Set a new way forward, towards a life lived with intention. Intention means, you choose how you show up.


What you do and who you do it with. Intention means taking time to evaluate the energy within you and realising what you really want. Intention means saying NO, it means saying YES but most of all it means being YOU and knowing what YOU want, trusting that you can achieve all that you want to if you have the intention to.

So I’ll ask you again, are you living by momentum or intention. Take some time today to think about it, and offer yourself the chance to be honest with yourself, be authentic in your life, say yes, say no and set the intention to live a life you create on purpose.


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