12 Laws of Abundance - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor


Everybody wants it. Yet for some it is elusive.

Is that you?

Do you find yourself in a Yo Yo of ups and downs?

You attract something wonderful, let us say your highest earning month in your business, you are excited, you're winning.

Then suddenly out of the blue, your car breaks down, or you get a big tax bill, or your heating system fails and you have to find the money to deal with these unexpected situations.

Have you ever had a holiday planned, then at the last minute something happens and you cannot go.

Or, been invited to an event to speak or to network with your ideal clients, then at the last minute sickness forces you to cancel.

You feel like you're doing all the right things. Living by the Law of Attraction, meditating, self care, high vibe thoughts, keep working at your projects yet you still feel that elusive feeling of abundance is difficult to maintain or even reach. You've watched the movie the Secret and know that abundance is there for you, and its in your power to manifest it, but something is just 'off'.

Kate DuxlerExecutive Coach

Sarah, thank you so much for your loving and profound intuitive insights! I have been listening to our work together again and am amazed at how much I've shifted in the two short weeks since our original session. It's so motivating and inspiring, and I have so much gratitude to you for doing this work in the world. Much love xo

Well... that's because the Law of Attraction isn't the only Universal Law that you need to understand and harness.

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Think of a cake, in particular a chocolate cake, you need flour, cocoa, sugar, eggs and butter to make the sponge, then you need chocolate, butter and sugar to make the chocolate butter cream that goes in the middle and on the top and then you need chocolate sprinkles to finish it off. The cake wouldn't be a chocolate cake without the chocolate now would it. But without all the other ingredients, the cake wouldn't be a cake at all.

The chocolate represents the Law of Attraction, and the flour, cocoa, sugar, eggs and butter the 11 other Universal Laws of Abundance.

These Laws aren't that well known, or talked of. It is easy to explain the Law of Attraction, after all, everyone knows the idea that like attracts it like. So be what you want to manifest and it will come to you.

There is a degree of magic in that. BUT... and it is a big BUT.

What happens when the Law of Rhythm kicks in? This law is that for every forward motion there is a backward motion. To explain, every time you expand, there will be a period of contraction, where everything feels like (based on your perception) it is going backwards. What do you do then?

What happens during the Law of Correspondence? Knowing that everything you think of is created instantly in the spiritual realms is one thing, understanding how to bring that into our physical realm is another.

Or the Law of Relativity? Feeling your place in the greater collective and using gratitude effectively to expand your energy.

Or the Law of Compensation? Understanding that what you give comes back to you, but only if you give from a place of loving oneself unconditionally.

I've been living by the 12 Universal Laws of Abundance for many years now. They make sense to me, more than that, they create magic in my life, for me and for all of those that I hold dear.

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12 years ago I decided to change my life, I was on my own spiritual path, I had awakened some 8 years earlier after a car crash left me with chronic pain, migraines and depression. I left my marriage, my comfortable life and all I knew. All my friends fell away, they couldn't understand what I was doing and judged me for it. All I had was myself, my son and my dog. In the space of 7 years I moved home 9 times, I did what I could to earn money, I had a dream, a dream of working as I do now, yet I knew I wasn't ready. It took 8 years to finalise my divorce, in 2011 I settled in my 'forever' home, my business blossomed and I am now humbled and honoured to be able to work with so many amazing women and men all on their own spiritual journey's all searching for more of themselves, more of their potential.

My forever home, is my dream house, I found it and moved in three months after setting the intention and manifesting the funds to buy it outright. I am in a relationship with an amazing man that grows richer every day. He arrived in my life, 6 weeks after I called him in, my son is grown up and studying Biology in Australia (he is following his dreams and is wise beyond his years) and my business continues to grow and grow. As I give from my heart I see that energy expand, this for me is success and abundance.

Harnessing all the 12 Laws of Abundance brings you real magic.
It is the alchemy of the Universe and it is available to you.

If you're still trying to make a cake with only chocolate its time to find out about all the other ingredients.


The 12 Laws of Abundance

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