Expand Your Energy Masterclass Series - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

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You will learn in recording 1...

How to expand your gifts and reach into your intuition and deep inner wisdom.

How to step away from judgement and expectation and shift your perception to attract absolute magic into your life.

How to stop burn out so you can reach more clients.

I have just listened to the Masterclass Wow, you shared some very insightful guidance and tips in becoming the Master I know I am evolving into. How wonderful to connect with my guides in this way, it was a powerful emotional experiene Thank You Thank you Thank you.

Reiki Practitioner

You will learn in recording 2...

How to change your perception and bring magic in.

How to raise your vibration and match the energy of your dreams.

How to live consciously from a place of personal power.


I will be holding space for group meditations for self healing, not to be missed. 

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