Inner Diamond Checkout - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

Claim Your Brilliance & Shine Like A Diamond

Join this empowering 4 week live course with me, Sarah, and take a journey to finding YOU at a soul level and and really owning your Shining light.

Inner work doesn't need to be hard or slow.  You just need someone who can hold the space, can facilitate the journey and understands energy well.  That's ME!

Take the next steps towards opening your spiritual path.

Discover your untapped potential, up-level you life, your business and that of your clients.

Uncover emotional wounds, negative thought patterns and behaviours and see how they hold you back, understand their origin and heal them. 

Embrace your Inner Child, your Higher Self and your Ancestral Chain and work towards self healing. 

The work is experiential, I take you to a place of deep relaxation and altered consciousness (to quiet your over-active mind) and enable a different way of being to evolve. 


  • Your history to understand your story, your behaviour, your thought patterns
  • Your Future to bring the vision of your dreams to life.
  • Your blocks to realise your own self sabotage and how it stops you.
  • Your energetic field and how to manage it and strengthen your boundaries.
  • Your connection to your Higher Self and your own innate Wisdom
  • Your integration of your Inner Child and all the creativity that she will bring
  • Your connection to this Earth to open up your intuition and ground it here
  • Your connection to the Universal Flow of abundance and how to stay within it.
  • Your Ancestral Chain, to understand your spiritual history, what you are healing and the Power that brings you.

"Sarah definitely is a true guider in helping me step by step and I mean literally really taking each step with me. As I reflect back on my entire journey, it felt like she helped me touch a piece of everything in my life since birth up to the present just like telling a story"

Pahkou Moua
Antonina Andreeva

"We've been quietly working on strengthening and expanding my abilities, and each session brings forth a revelation and a resolution. So grateful for her guidance and support in allowing me to really step onto the path of a healer I KNOW, I am meant to be."

"Working with Sarah is magical and I plan to continue working with her now that I have completed this program. If you are serious about personal development and living a life that you love, work with Sarah"

Dana Kalin Narayanappa
Kate Duxler

"Sarah, thank you so much for your loving and profound intuitive insights! I have been listening to our work together again and am amazed at how much I've shifted in the two short weeks since our original session. It's so motivating and inspiring, and I have so much gratitude to you for doing this work in the world."


(these rates are discounted for webinar attendees and will revert to full price 24 hours after the webinar)

One Payment Upfront


2 weekly payments of


You may also add ONE or TWO private one-to-one sessions with me at the special "webinar" discount rate of $147 per session (normally $167 per session)

These 1:1 sessions are 45 minutes long and will support you through the process and help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

Inner Diamond Course plus one 1:1 session

One Payment Upfront


Inner Diamond Course plus one 1:1 session

2 weekly payments of


Inner Diamond Course plus two 1:1 sessions

One Payment Upfront


Inner Diamond Course plus two 1:1 sessions

2 weekly payments of


Benefits of this Inner experience:

  • Move towards your own potential and grow spiritually
  • Build your own self awareness
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Lift your energetic vibration
  • Find self mastery and self love
  • Increased Intuitive abilities
  • Strengthened mind body and soul connection
  • A stable grounded sense of self belief and self worth
  • A more confident authentic You
  • A more purposeful message for your Business
  • More clients
  • Better income, less hustle, more flow
  • The ability to create new programmes easily
  • Understand how to manifest abundance in your business & life
  • Joy, passion and creativity from day to day.
  • A life you love, lived on purpose.

Aligning with your true Self, claiming all that is YOU and manifesting the abundance you desire all starts from within.