4 Steps Towards Self Mastery

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Tuesday, 26th April 2016 8.00pmBST/2.00pmCST

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The Webinar

Discover the brilliance of your own talent.  Align your business to your energy.  Attract more clients.  Experience better income, less hustle and more flow.  

Are you ready to uncover your hidden potential and up-level your life and the life of your clients?  Are you ready to step towards Self Mastery?  

Join me on my Webinar and I will show you how. 

Sarah Ann Negus

Modern Day Shaman and Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

I help You find your authentic self. I help You live a life full in inspiration, creativity, passion and joy. I help You connect to your spiritual life force and live and work as the best version of You that You can be. There is only You.

I will help you go withIN and find the best version of YOU. Inner work doesn't have to be hard or slow, you just need someone who can hold the space, facilitate the journey and understands energy well…. thats me!

My work will take you up into the higher realms, through distant dimensions and deep in the Earth to find your forgotten gifts, to help you remember your ancient wisdom and to align you to your soul’s path, bringing self healing, abundance, joy and a strong connection to your higher self.

Working with me is like taking a journey into the maze of your own life, and finding the pathway that takes you to the entrance of your soul. I love my work and can’t wait to share it with you.

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