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Hi everyone! Popping in today to share that I have been working through one of Sarah Ann Negus's mini courses - the Abundance course and I highly recommend it. Each module has a worksheet and a recorded guided meditation. I am taking the time to write this because in one of the meditations, I finally made a breakthrough that I never saw coming in regards to my strained relationship with money. I'll tell you. I was working through the exercises and then in the meditation, as instructed, I was observing/witnessing some of my limiting thoughts which were not at all new to me because really how many abundance mindset challenges and meditations have I done in my life (can I count that high!!!!?????).

So I kind of thought, okay whatever, same old problems, blah blah blah. And then while I was in the meditation, a new loud and clear voice came in and said - "I'm not changing because I don't believe I can."And it shook me because this is something that my mother always says about her problems - "I can't change, this is just me." When she says it, I feel very frustrated with her and here I was recognizing that I have also absorbed that underlying belief for myself.

I feel lighter now and even though I have completed all five days of the course, I am going back through and using the meditations again. I find them very powerful (I am myself a yoga and meditation teacher with a 17 year long practice and I guide my own clients through meditations all of the time - just for some reference to my experience with meditation).THANK YOU SARAH xoxoxoxox

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What I loved most about this challenge as how much it focuses on building your inner abundance so that physical money can flow to you in a way that feel great - the opposite of hustle! Just what I needed as a heart centered business owner! I loved all the self-mastery and self-love lessons learned during this challenge as well. HIGHLY recommend it to increase your vibration around money and allow more of it to flow to you! 

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Hello, I'm Sarah Ann Negus, Modern Day Shaman and Mentor. Your Master Healer For Spiritual Entrepreneurs. I help you find your personal power, your spiritual connection and your authentic self.   With me you go from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain to confident and capable.  With me you deepen your intuitive skills and live in the energy of Abundance.

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