The Healer's Power Grid E-Course

by Sarah Negus

sarah negus

I am Sarah Negus, modern day Shaman and the Healer’s Healer.

How do you know you need this?

You are a healer, intuitive, sensitive or empath. 

You are advancing in your own Ascension.

You are having a human experience and you are awake.

You know you need to raise your rates and step up your game to the next level but you aren’t quite sure how to do that.

The Healer’s Power Grid will give you just the tools, confidence and complete expansion to do just that.

Only $97 for all course materials

What This E-Course Has To Offer

This is for you if you are a healer and you are ready to charge premium rates and provide premium results.This is for you if you are looking to increase your gifts, talents and capabilities in your soul expansion journey.This is for you if you are ready to get deeper and go farther into the field of energy than ever before.


Understand how to align yourself with your client soul to soul for greater results and increased clarity.


Begin to understand the surrounding energies and how they affect you on a deeper, innate level that opens you up to Source, healing and alignment.


Use this technique to bypass your own filters and triggers so you are supplying your clients with specific energy aligned results, messages and more


Learn to access Source confidently, easily and on demand!


Increase your Personal Power and raise your energy through this technique given to me via Source.


Do this in the comfort of your own home or garden. There is no need to travel thousands of miles to the Amazon or spend years as an apprentice. You get the benefit of me doing that and passing it to you.

I feel so amazing. So unbelievably filled with love and the gratitude for the magic of the Universe! I set an intention to attract teachings on how to deepen my healing work and as per usual the Universe exceed anything I could have come up with on my own and I had the pleasure of attending the amazing Healer's Grid put on by Sarah. Wow. If you ever have the chance to get on one of Sarah's calls do it!! Just beautiful! Thank you.

Tracy Gaudet
Law of Attraction Coach                

The Healer's Power Grid E-Course

This includes The Therapeutic Frame, an energetic process that clears the way for the healer to be a clean channel of information for their client. I use it with all my clients and it is included here as a tool for you to use everyday. We move on further into energy and travel into the higher realms and different dimensions, raising the vibration as we go. The Power Grid is a Source activation and atunement that will transform the way you work.

The Healer's Power Channelled From Source

The Healer's Power Grid was given to me by Source. He showed me the process to share with you. The Healer's Power Grid has every healing within its energy that we could ever need. All we need to do is access it.

Just $97 - instant access to all course material