Sarah Negus

Hello, I'm Sarah,  I invite you to  take an empowering journey into your subconscious mind and rediscover yourself at a soul level. When we resist what we fear, it must resurface to be heard and healed. Let me guide you on a beautiful re-connection with your shadow side.  Are you ready to stand in your wholeness and light?

Welcome To The Dark Side

Its time to shine your loving light on your Shadow, to dance with her instead of fight with her. End once and for all all the resurfacing patterns hidden in your subconscious mind that hold you down, hold you back and stop you from reaching your potential. Rediscover yourself in wholeness.

Join me and look her straight in the eye..

Now is the time to invite your Shadow to dance. Introducing my intensive Shadow Training e-course.

See the light you truly are, in divine perfection

Who is your shadow?

She drives a lot of your unconscious behaviour!

She holds your unseen potential within.

She is half of your whole!

She will take you to the edge of your boundaries where growth occurs!

She will bring you AHA moments!

Knowing her will strengthen you and raise your vibration towards all that you can dream of.

"What we resist, persist" 

Get to know your shadow and invite her to show herself. Invite her energy and learn to recognize it within yourself.  Become empowered by the understanding of her patterns, triggers, her strength and weaknesses. You will grow spiritually as you embrace her love and acceptance. 

Bring your Shadow into the Light

 Taming Your Shadow e-course -
Only $197
(usually $697)

Included in the E-Course:

Part 1 includes a video, workbook, pdf and meditation.

Part 2 includes a video, workbook, pdf and meditation and

Part 3 includes a video, pdf and meditation.

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