Why Your Perception of Perfection is Holding You Back in Life. (Blogging Challenge Day 26)


Your perception is the most important thing. It is how you view the World, and yourself, and it affects your experience of life.

Taking it a little bit further, your perception of perfection is based on your own experience too. All of the wounds and the joys that have been part of your path are held within your unconscious and govern 90% of your perception and behavior.

Taking it further still, your perception of perfection is self sabotage with bells on it! It makes you strive towards something you can never have, perpetuating your deeply held belief that you’re not good enough, and by not achieving your perception of perfection you fulfill your own expectation that you’re not good enough every time.

Why do you want to be perfect (whatever that means to you)? Can you even describe what perfect is? I’m sure you can’t, because you’ve never achieved it and cannot know what it feels like.

I’ll tell you what wanting perfection is..

  • a way to be unkind to yourself,
  • a way to avoid yourself in all your beauty
  • a way to avoid yourself in all your beauty
  • a way to avoid showing us all how powerful and wonderful you really are now in the imperfect moment.

Perfection is a human constraint, a human creation, a word in language that describes a state no-one has experienced….

or have they?

Perhaps each moment of this life, in all its emotional expression, is just that…. Perfect!

The Universe is made up of the fibonacci sequence of numbers and pye… making mathematical equations imperfect… e.g. 3.87654567 … so all the numbers after the decimal point are where possibility exists… even the Universe isn’t perfect. Thank goodness, for where would be without new possibilities?

There is a song by John Legend, ‘All of Me’, and there are two lines within it that I love… he sings of ‘all your perfect imperfections’ and says ‘when I lose I’m winning.

I love this.Our existence is perfect for each of us, and when we fall or stumble, we are winning the game, for ourselves individually and as part of our whole Universe. You are perfect in every breath you take.

Think on it, be grateful for your life, for it is unique to you. You are perfect. You are You.

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