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Feeling empowered is the very basis of making a huge impact in the World. We all want it. You want it. You want to be in touch with your intuition and be able to be the wonderful authentic person you know that you are. You simply want to be the best version of yourself.

Would you like to be the best version of yourself?

I know I do, and its something that I strive for everyday. But often I come up against obstacles. Fear, anxiety, questions. My biggest obstacle in being the best version of me is… well… me. Getting out of my own way, understanding my inbuilt habits and knowing when the world is showing me a huge mirror and then acting on that information is my life’s work.

I’m lucky nowadays that I’ve come to a place where I know myself deeply. This hasn’t always been the case. There was a time in my life where I looked lucky, where it seemed like I was happy, where I lived a dream like life that should have brought fulfilment… but it didn’t.

I was living a hollow shell of a life, all great on the outside yet inside of me was a ‘hot mess’ of unspoken words, squashed down emotions and deep feelings of ‘there must be something more’. My intuition was dull and my energy weak and patchy.

At the time I didn’t know there could be another way, I thought I was being ungrateful to want more than I had, especially as I didn’t know what that more looked like. I knew inside though that I was unhappy. My life has been my own Master’s Degree of self healing. Today I am the happiest I’ve been in my life. As I uncovered my inner World and stepped into my power and my spiritual gifts my life opened up for me and I healed on every level of my being.

Today I am the happiest I’ve been in my life, I’m incredibly grateful to be able to work with the wonderful woman that are my clients.

It is AMAZING work too… giving you the chance to look within yourself in a new way, to find a new you, one that shines brightly, that you are happier with, and that expresses your true potential to our World so you can make the difference that I know you want to.

You know its your duty, to ignite your potential, to share your gifts, right? The times is now, no more excuses, no more waiting to be the amazing you that you are. Your clients need you, your loved ones need you, the World needs you to expand and blossom.

I can show you how.

My 6 week programme is designed with you in mind. To give you all the tools and space you need to look inside yourself, and bring your potential into existence. To design your life from the inside out…

‘As above so below, as within so without, as the Universe so the Soul.” Hermes Trismegetus

You know deep down you have spiritual gifts. And you’re ready to use them, be in tune with your intuition and the riches of the inner world. You’re simply ready to make a massive impact in the World and your life. I’m about to show you how.

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Amanda Heisman Health Coach

My results were profound

In the spiritual community, I was hearing a lot about "letting go" and "releasing," but not always as much about the specifics in the process it takes to get there. Sometimes, I was left feeling like 'Why the heck can't I just let this go already?!' With Sarah's help, I was able to first accept the trauma- and its teaching role in my life- then understand it, then process it, and finally, to release it. Sarah is highly skilled and experienced as a Modern Day Shaman, and was able to easily lead me into meditative state and on Shamanic journeying- we met with chakras of the earth, the archangels, aspects of my higher self, my spirit guides, my soul in a past life, my ancestors, and Source himself.Her work is phenomenal, her spirit is compassionate, and her guidance has been a precious gift in my life.

Week 1 – Past, Present, Future IMPACT

The first week we’ll start raising your awareness so that you can start fully awakening to your spiritual gifts. You’ll take a path down your past and recognise those things that were long buried out of your awareness, yet have a huge impact on who you are today who you are meant to be. From there, we’ll start stepping into your big future self.

Week 2- Energy FIRST

During the second week, I will share with you some powerful energy management techniques that will help you to:

· Protect your emotions and levels of energy when helping your clients using your spiritual gifts

· Serve your clients from the highest place possible – therefore make far bigger impact in their lives.

Because of energy? Yes, it is everything.

Week 3 – Healing your Inner Child

Have you ever felt that the little girl inside you is running the show? Well, you haven’t had that feeling without a reason. We all have this part of our psyche – often called the inner child – that heavily influences our feelings, though patterns, behaviors, and results of today. We’ll get in touch with that little girl now, mother her, sooth her, let her play. SO? YOU can take back charge of your today and tomorrow.

Week 4- Dance with Your Shadow

Shadow – that unconscious part of you that influences 90% of your behavior. Dancing with your shadow, rather than fighting with her, being able to communicate and WORK with your shadow is essential part of The Healer’s Journey. Because when you can do that, you’ll uncover those wonderful parts of you that you haven’t been able to be aware of – up until now! This is when the Healer in you will start to really awaken.

Week 5 – Tapping into your Higher Self

Your Higher Self knows EVERYTHING about you, about your past, about your needs, and what you need to do at any given moment to move forward with ease.

When was the last time you talked to your Higher Self?

Well. This module is about strengthening your intuition muscles tremendously. So you can tap into that all-knowing, all-powerful part of your psyche at your will.

Week 6 – Bringing the Trine Together

Inner Child, Shadow, Higher Self = Powerful Trine

In the last module, we’ll make them work together, in unity, harmony and for your highest good at all times.

When this happens? Your future will work by design. Your abundance will become inevitable. And you’ll be fully ready to create a massive impact in the World. YOU, the healer will be fully born.

Megan Moore

...Now I understand my gifts and mission, and have the confidence to share with others.

Working with Sarah is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. It has been the true gift of homecoming, to ME! Her spiritual teachings are vast and permeated all areas of my life. I am in awe at her expert ability to facilitate energy, both hers and my own. I have learned more about myself, and my true soul path, than I ever thought possible!

Each week I discovered another layer that informed my work, relationships, and the way I view the world around me both seen and unseen. Each session was tailored to my specific needs. Sarah had an amazing way of holding my highest good at the heart of every session and interaction. I felt safe, held, and fully supported throughout my journey. Sarah is open, refreshingly honest, and straightforward with a gentle finesse. She is a true Shaman and healer in the very highest sense.

Before working with Sarah I was struggling to even call myself a healer, and now I understand my gifts and mission, and have the confidence to share with others. Sarah believed in me in ways I never did and brought out the best by showing me the parts of myself I had long forgotten. Many of her teachings acted as a mirror to reflect back what I have been unable or unwilling to see about myself. She empowered me with tools to do the deep healing work I needed, while holding space for me to experiment and learn. She equally challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone while being my biggest supporter in that process.

Now my inner light is shining more brightly than ever before, and I am operating at new levels of energy, fully connected to my higher self. I will forever be grateful for her showing me who I truly am, and can’t wait to continue my work with her!

The Healer’s Journey 6 week Group Programme will take you from...

Feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, needing validation, feeling not good enough, self sabotaging growth, playing out old patterns, holding onto past hurt and energy, being triggered by others, taking on others energy and feeling alone. From knowing there is more to you than you’re showing, from feeling your intuition pushing you forward to step into your spiritual powers yet you don’t know how and are afraid.


Understanding yourself and your path so far, managing your own energy from a place of centred strength, Building a life, business, relationships that create magic for you. Using all of your inner power and passion to be YOU. The best version of you that you know you are and impacting your clients on a deep level, bringing them their own healing and power as you use your gifts. Feeling empowered in your relationships and creative in your business, drawing the energy of abundance to you to manifest your wonderful life.

Are you ready for the journey?

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Enroll before December 1st to qualify for these outstanding bonuses!

Early Bonus #1

>The Energy Workers Essential Toolkit FREE ($97)<

>Taming Your Shadow FREE ($697)<

Early Bonus #2

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>30 minute Healing session FREE ($147)<

>FREE Group Orientation Call, December 5th<

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