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The fact that you’ve made it this far means you have a commitment to creating miracles in your business and living in your highest potential.

So now I’m going to give you everything you need to thrive in your life and business with my 3-part energy bundle. This is work usually reserved for VIP clients who pay upwards of £7.5K but today I’m offering them at a tiny fraction of that.

Why? Because I’m tired of seeing amazing Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Leaders mistakenly thinking that creating outer success and financial abundance is about strategies and marketing tactics. I don’t have to tell you that’s not how it works (after all, how many people do you know that hustle and have nothing to show for it?).

Deep energy work like this is what’s allowed me to make the impact I want in the world while giving me the freedom to enjoy my life, and it can do the same for you.

It’s time to Evolve & Thrive

When you sign-up for Evolve & Thrive, you’ll receive 6 powerful video trainings, Shamanic journeys and workbooks so you can harness your energy to create the outer success you deserve.

My signature programme will allow you to finally say goodbye to expensive mistakes, self-sabotage and negative self-talk and invite in complete trust from a place of 100% energetic alignment.

What would that do to your business and life? It’s time to find out.

You may think all this energy work is too time-consuming, but that’s a good thing because most people don’t take the time to do it, so you’ll be on the cutting-edge of change.

It’s time to gain complete control of your energy and use it to manifest whatever you want. Powerfully call in your ideal clients, money, relationships and opportunities that are completely aligned with your highest levels of impact!

“Evolve and Thrive gives you everything you need to grow your business, and ultimately yourself. Through vivid Shamanic journeys you learn how to tap into your higher self and bring a powerful new level of clarity into your life.”

– Cassie Hicks, Modern Marketing Spark

Let’s recap what you get when you sign up for the


THE ENERGETIC AUDIT £14.99 (worth £49.99)


Energetic Management Shamanic Journey

Vision your Future Self Shamanic Journey

 Spiritual Focus Shamanic Journey

(Value: Priceless)


EVOLVE & THRIVE 6 WEEK COURSE £99 (worth £597)

Week 1: Cleaning past beliefs, patterns, and emotional wounds so you can free yourself from self-sabotage

Week 2: Expand your energy to recieve your first 5-figure month

Week 3: Heal your Inner Child and connect with the potent creative force within you.

Week 4: Use Shadow work as a force for limitless expansion to quickly see what’s hampering your results

Week 5: Learn to trust your intuitive nudges so you can create huge shifts in your life and business based on wisdom from your Highest Self

Week 6: Inner child, shadow and higher self come together to create your Golden Triangle of Creative Power so your abundance and impact become inevitable.

Truly, the value of this work is priceless. Today you can access all three powerful energy tools, trainings and activations for only £159 (and clients say Evolve & Thrive is worth 10x the investment!).

You can get started with THE ENERGETIC AUDIT + MASTER YOUR ENERGY+ EVOLVE & THRIVE for only £159 today (usually £749, that’s 80% off!)

“I increased my prices by 5 times, and had three new clients at the new price within two weeks”

“After one session with Sarah, I increased my prices by 5 times, and had three new clients at the new price within two weeks. Within six months of joining her mastermind, I had a 231% return on investment, my biggest month sales wise in my business in 5.5 years, and launched and sold my first Evergreen product. I feel really good about myself, put me first and more importantly I know when to stop now. I don’t push hard in my business anymore because that doesn’t work.”


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