Evolve and Thrive

Welcome to the 6 Week Online Self Study Programme


Although all of the course material is provided below, each week of the programme you will receive an email to help you focus on the relevant content at the right time.

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Past, Present, Future IMPACT

The first week we’ll start raising your awareness so that you can start fully awakening to intuition and potential.

You’ll take a path down your past and recognise those things that were long buried and out of your awareness, yet have a huge impact on who you are today who you are meant to be.

From there, we’ll start stepping into your big future self.


Energy FIRST

During week two - I will share with you some powerful energy management techniques that will help you to:

· Manage your emotions and levels of energy when helping your clients and expanding your life and business

· Serve your clients from the highest place possible – therefore make far bigger impact in their lives.
Because of energy? Yes, it is everything.


Healing Your Inner Child

We all have a part of our psyche - often called the inner child - that heavily influences our feelings, thought patterns, behaviours, and results of today.

We'll get in touch with that inner child now, mother her/him, soothe her/him, let her/him play.

SO? YOU can take back charge of your today and tomorrow, and find your curious creative nature that is so important in designing your future.


Dance With Your Shadow

Shadow – that unconscious part of you that influences 90% of your behavior.

Dancing with your shadow, rather than fighting with it, being able to communicate and WORK with your shadow is essential part of your ability to THRIVE.

Shadow work can get a bad rap.  But it is the MOST powerful tool you can use on your path to your future.  Your Shadow holds everything you have not accepted about yourself, including your limitless potential.


Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self knows EVERYTHING about you, about your past, about your needs, and what you need to do at any given moment to move forward with ease. When was the last time you talked to your Higher Self, or opened your Higher Mind to your potential?

This module is about strengthening your intuition muscles tremendously. It connects you to your inner knowing and spiritual strength.

So you can tap into that all-knowing, all-powerful part of your psyche at your will.


Bringing It Together

Inner Child, Shadow, Higher Self = Powerful Trine.

In the last module, we’ll bring your inner mentoring team together, in unity, harmony and for your highest good at all times.

When this happens? Your future will work by design.

Your abundance will become inevitable.

And you’ll be fully ready to create a massive impact in the World.