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This book’s main message is one of: self-recognition; self-awareness; self-knowledge; self-compassion; and self-love. By knowing your ‘Self,’ by coming into yourself, and by acknowledging yourself as more than merely a physical being…

You can find a deep connection to the planet, to your families, communities, and all the peoples of other countries. In fact, you’ll connect to all sentient beings who live here on Earth (and to the whole consciousness of our Universe) because we are all one.

I believe you will find your place of safety, support and love within. Because you contribute to the oneness that is longing for more love.

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My Book Tells The Story Of How I Travelled Along The Winding Path Of My Life Towards Something Incredible

Change is inevitable.

Change brings challenge. 

As a change-maker, you know these challenges are exciting. 

Let me show you how to take as big a bite out of life as you can.

"Insights on how to activate your potential"

“Sarah Negus is the true definition of a master healer in this antidote for the crisis of modern life. Her memoir reads like a shamanic Elizabeth Gilbert. It is deeply moving, inspiring and leaves you with the practical tools to live your own authentic self. Insights on how to activate your potential come with tears, laughter and profound love, much like the experience of being in the room with the Shaman herself.”

Agnes Kowalski
Wealth Therapist and Forbes Contributor

A Quirky Yet Practical Guide To Activate Success Consciousness And Your Higher Self For Anyone Searching For A Deeper Connection To Life


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Hello, I’m Sarah Ann Negus – author of Modern Day Shaman® – FIND A DEEPER CONNECTION WITH LIFE.

I’m a spiritual teacher, executive coach, public speaker and writer. I’m a mother, friend, dog-lover and all manner of other things in between. I believe life is good, life is exciting, and life is a privilege.

I can be found walking in nature, laughing with friends, enjoying new experiences. My whole ethos is to meet interesting people. Something I continue to do day by day.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I used to ignore my inner knowing, my spirituality and my empathic nature. Instead, I tried to fit in and to please everybody around me. This meant a miserable life for me, even though I was living a million dollar lifestyle. It meant 23 years searching for a more authentic, fulfilled self. It meant overcoming 5 car crashes resulting in serious injuries, chronic fatigue and depression along the way.

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