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I’m SO happy you’re going to be exploring work… I wanted to personally welcome you to my community.  You’ll be receiving an email very shortly that will have everything you need within it to download Chapter 1 of my book Modern Day Shaman. Find a Deeper Connection to life.

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Chapter 1: Tells the story of how I found my own spiritual teacher and the coincidences (there are no coincidences) that led me to what became a 12 year apprenticeship. And why I am sharing that teaching with you. If you ‘ ve wondered where Shamanism sits in our history and why we call those that hold certain spiritual gifts ‘Shaman, ’ you ’ll find a comprehensive explanation beginning on Page 9.

So many have told me they’ve experienced profound shifts and deep understandings from reading the book.

So, if you’re ready to dive into ALL of it – include 8 shamanic journeys that are offered via audio too……. Download the complete book, Modern Day Shaman. Find a Deeper Connection to Life.


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