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Sarah Negus

The Six Qualities Of Success are:


The evolving state of being your Best Self.
Knowing SUCCESS comes from within.

Is this program for you?

This Is For You If:

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What I know for sure is that you are unique and gifted and when you embody this inner success frequency in your heart, mind and Soul, your reality shifts on the outside too.

My clients succeed...


  • From signing a deal with Forbes to film a series based on their work
  • To landing multi-million pound investors for a start-up
  • To doubling their revenue in 12 months
  • To achieving 7 figures


  • From saving a relationship about to divorce
  • To owning their need to separate and managing that with love and compassion
  • To healing their mother wound and finding a fulfilling friendship with their mum

Anything and everything is possible with this work!

Because it takes you within, to your purpose and leads you to your Future NOW where SUCCESS is waiting.

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Together We Will

Which Means

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to create even more success and impact in your business and life?

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Self Study Program

What’s Included:

Here's What We'll Cover

Module 1 - Self Knowledge

  1. How to uncover your unconscious drivers, releasing patterns of behaviour that hold you back from your next level.
  2. How to release hurt, wounding and blame and turn these challenges into learning, strength and compassion.
  3. How to welcome responsibility, ownership and gratitude and build a steady foundation for growth, development and next level after next level.
  4. How to vision quest your future into reality.
  5. Channelled shamanic journey and energetic activation for your highest vibration.
  6. Your downloadable workbook  

Module 2 - Self Belief

  1. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as you rise to your next level.
  2. Connecting with your potential and taking action based on that energy.
  3. Deciding you know the way with confidence.
  4. Channelled shamanic journey and energetic connection to the ‘Oneness’ of all things.
  5. Your downloadable workbook 

Module 3 - Self Trust

  1. Taking responsibility for your life, always and forever.
  2. Letting go of the need to control welcoming openness and curiosity.
  3. Leaning into Feminine Energy the source of all manifestation and its creative power.
  4. Channelled Shamanic Journey and energetic activation to the source of creation.
  5. Your downloadable workbook 

Module 4 - Self Worth

  1. Owning your value and recognising you are the prize.
  2. Owning your worth in everything you do.
  3. Understanding Masculine Energy and its motivational force.
  4. Channelled Shamanic Journey and energetic activation to the force of momentum.
  5. Your downloadable workbook

Module 5 - Self Compassion

  1. Understanding why you have disconnected from your compassionate self and how it closes down your next level.
  2. Finding compassion as an amplifying energy to build abundance.
  3. Building compassion into your own energy to become a magnetic force.
  4. Channelled Shamanic Journey and energetic activation with the Archangel Michael.
  5. Your downloadable workbook 

Module 6 - Self Love

  1. Learning to let go of control and outcome, celebrating your aligned actions.
  2. Unconditional love for Self and others.
  3. Unconditional love for the Universe.
  4. Channelled Shamanic Journey and energetic activation with Archangel Raphael.
  5. Your downloadable workbook 

Your Investment

£97 £1,597

*plus UK VAT if applicable

Special offer ends in:


I love my life.  Working is fun – I have a passion for facilitating growth for my clients and I am living my purpose of shifting the global consciousness towards inner knowing and self-sovereignty.

But it wasn’t always this way, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure the life I live now isn’t just a dream.

I used to dream of success, ease, health and joy and if you were on the outside, looking in, my old life looked like I had all those things. But I had designed my life based on cultural norms. Marriage, a beautiful son, a gorgeous home, financial affluence, cars, holidays, expensive clothes and jewellery, social networks…

But it wasn’t what it seemed…

I was the ultimate hostess in every occasion, ensuring everyone was happy, they all felt loved, seen and heard. I put everyone ahead of me, ahead of my wants and needs (these were frivolous or selfish) and were put to the bottom of the list.

I desperately wanted to be liked to fit in, and to have people around me I could trust, that would have my back and treat me with love and respect.

Instead I lived a life filled with gossip, back-stabbing, jealousy, misunderstanding and yearning. I was plagued with ill-health and depression, I experienced 5 car crashes and 2 near death experiences over a 10 year period – and one day I looked in the mirror and finally woke up to the fact that I was the common denominator. Somehow I was attracting all this dis-ease.

So I made a decision to change.

Sarah Negus with chin resting on hands.

I wanted to find out who I was, to express my Soul authentically and believe in myself. I wanted to master my inner conditioned self and allow the wisdom of my higher self to shine through my heart.

That was 23 years ago and my journey has been comprehensive. I changed every aspect of my life, you could say I have a PHD in self-discovery, personal and spiritual development! I have found me. And the game changer in all of this has been my understanding of energy and how it works around me, within me and for me.

Your energetic vibration and frequency is the magnetic force that attracts your life experiences. So it makes sense to ensure your inner world (the part of you that defines that energetic frequency) is humming at your own success frequency.

I’ve spent a life-time exploring mine and facilitating that realisation in my clients, and now I am going to show you the way to your inner success frequency.



Limitless Millionaire Mentor


“It is EXTREMELY rare to meet someone who is both a Master of Energy, AND a sassy business woman. This gives Sarah’s coaching a whole new dimension. I know I can talk to her as much about internal matters as on topics such as P&L etc. While Sarah might not think it’s business coaching, it is, she offers very valuable perspectives.

The way Sarah holds the energy throughout the coaching process is a unique skill. It’s one thing to say “We will do it together” and to REALLY do it together. I believe Sarah’s results with her clients are as much due to her fantastic coaching and opening of their spiritual gifts, as much as the fact that she is holding energy for them.”

Ashley Pare


Leadership & Executive Coach
& TEDx Speaker


“Sarah’s work is so powerful, I have never come across anyone who has been able to marry the energetic world with the business world like she can. It has been amazing to work with her.”

Your Investment

£97 £1,597

*plus UK VAT if applicable

Special offer ends in:



This program is only for serious and committed people looking for more success and impact in their life

This is not another course. It requires work, time and responsibility with your self.

Please notice that there is no guarantee for this investment. 

I am confident about the process I am offering you.

Are you ready?


Shamanic journeying is an ancient art, used for thousands of years to solve problems graciously and will open you up to your limitless success fast! It’s a channeled journey into your subconscious mind, or shadow.

Your inner world is a library of information. Too often it goes unexplored allowing subconscious beliefs to govern how you think and behave. So, if you have an annoying ‘not-good enough’ monkey, or a persistent self-saboteur, or the imposter syndrome is striking: the carefully placed Shamanic Journeys in the book will guide you through your journey as you read through the book and come to pivotal moments of discovery

That’s exactly why you’ve found yourself here, isn’t it? Because the way you’ve been running your business in the hustle and the continual ‘doing’ leaves you feeling like you’re nose to grindstone. There is another way, and it’s fun! And I’ll share with you my exact tools that helped me lean in and trust my intuition whilst working on your shadow – that’s the part of you planting the seed of doubt now. So let’s push that aside and let your Higher Self say YES!

I know that ever so familiar fear is coming up to talk you out of something that will elevate your success, right? So I’d love you to check in with your inner guidance and ask if you actually can afford it, or is it simply not priority, translating to you are not priority – everything else comes first…. choosing this familiar path feels safer to your shadow. I know you want to change that, don’t you? As for running this program again – I have a calendar of events planned out for the next year and nothing in place for another round of Inner circle of succes – so let’s take the leap now!

If it’s worked for hundreds of others, why not you? That’s simply your fear talking, which is exactly why you’re here, isn’t it?

Truthfully – yes, it won’t work if you won’t take responsibility for yourself, and your part in your growth.  It won’t work for any anyone that’s lying to themselves as saying they have grand plans for their life, business and success, but really doesn’t want to change – they don’t want to put in the work, and don’t want to admit it to themselves

About your guide
Sarah Ann Negus

Sarah experienced her spiritual awakening over 25 years ago while searching for a more meaningful and impactful way to live her life. She then set out on a 12-year shamanic apprenticeship journey, travelling to Peru and studying with the Shamans of the Amazon forest.

Her journey has been one of discovery and letting go. Letting go of the life that was successful on the outside, so she could become successful within her, discovering the depths of herself was where the joy was, in her unique, quirky, alternative Soul.

Over the years, Sarah mastered her craft and today she brings the power of ancient shamanism married with modern mindset and psychology to visionaries and leaders, helping them to fully embody their highest potential. Sarah is a Modern Day Shaman®️ Extraordinaire.

Sarah works with highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and high-flying start-ups to help them create consistent success and growth in their lives that allows them to feel fulfilled and experience a deep sense of meaning and purpose. With over two decades of experience in the field of energy, and a lifetime of entrepreneurial highs and lows, Sarah brings a unique take on life and the power of Soul as the leading force.

Are you ready to start accessing your success frequency right now?

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