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Rise up and become!

Rise up and remember your birthright!
Rise up and let us change the World together, one woman at a time.

Shamans Are RisinG, Are You One Of Them?

Our global consciousness is shifting, many feel there is crisis. I say it is a calling for all of those who promised to come and bring change to remember their Soul Contract.

This is where YOU come in.

You are ready to take on your leadership role to be empowering and inspiring for others, a light to follow, an energy that knows.

You Are ready To Claim The Shaman Within

The Modern Day Shaman Apprenticeship Programme will give you all you need to bring the Shaman within you to life, you are a bridge between our reality and the spiritual realms, a bridge between what is known and what is still in idea form, un-manifest. You are a powerful guide for those who are lost, you help hold the light to our World and have a part to play in the global growth of us all.

If you are reading this take it as a spiritual nudge, a spiritual push, a spiritual SHOUT OUT.

There are no coincidences. This is for you.

and, if you are ready to embrace the Shaman within you, to push past fear of being different and know this difference is because you have a purpose and a spiritual promise to fulfil.

Then I have something absolutely special for you.

The Modern Day Shaman Apprentice Programme.

A programme that will provide you with personal support in energy, in practice and within you so that you can remember who you are:

A shaman in the modern day born to help the western world

A shaman initiated through life’s experiences, eager to learn and to serve through your own unique work. 

Here is What You Will Cover:

Month One

  • Philosophy and history of Shamanism
  • Modern Day Shamanism as a differentiation
  • Principles of Modern Day Shamanism
  • Energetic analysis process
  • Introduction to journeying
  • How to hold group energy and journey
  • Vibrational attunement 1

Month Two

  • How to utilise the Chakras
  • For growth
  • To unlock energetic patterns
  • As portals for potential
  • Crystal grids
    • Why use them
    • How to use them
    • Their power
  • Vibrational attunements 2 and 3

Month Three

  • Symbolism of power animals
  • Embodiment of that energy for growth
  • Journeying to connect with spiritual vibrations of
    • animals
    • mythical creatures
  • Journeying to shape shift
  • Vibrational attunements 4 and 5

Month Four

  • The vibration of Archangels
  • How to utilise this for
    • growth
    • or energetic connection/li>
    • Specific areas of growth
  • Vibrational attunement 6

Month Five

  • The vibration of energetic masters
  • Connecting with your vibrational match
  • Personal guides
    • connection
    • growth
    • vibrational expansion
  • Vibrational attunement 7

Month Six

  • Energetic Attachments
  • Recognition
  • How to remove them
  • Vibrational attunement 8

Month Seven

  • The Universal Laws
  • Each law and how to use it for manifestation
  • How to connect to the matrix energy of each law
  • Vibrational attunement 9

Month Eight

  • Lemuria/Atlantis/Ancient Egypt
  • History and their relevance now
  • How to access this energy
  • Healing secrets of this energy
  • Vibrational attunement 10 & 11

Month Nine & Ten

  • Shadow
    • Field of awareness
    • suppressed
    • repressed
  • How to access this energy
  • How to unravel distortions
  • How to recognise patterns of energy within it
  • How to integrate and harmonise for growth
  • Vibrational attunement 12, 13, 14, 15

Month Eleven

  • Inner Child
    • Field of awareness
    • suppressed
    • repressed
  • How to access this energy
  • How to unravel distortions
  • How to recognise patterns of energy within it
  • How to integrate and harmonise for growth
  • Vibrational attunement 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
  • Soul Contract
  • In-vitro
  • 0-7
  • 7-14
  • 14-21

Month Twelve

  • The power of ancestral chains of energy
  • How to access them
  • How to use the effectively for growth
  • Matriarchal line
  • Patriarchal line
  • Tribal lineage
  • Spiritual lineage
  • Vibrational attunement 21

Your Investment:

12 x payments of £3,000 (Plus UK VAT if applicable)

OR, pay in full to attract a 20% discount (Plus UK VAT if applicable)

How will we work together?

Week 1

Subject Delivery & Q&A

Week 2

Private mentoring session to include feedback and personal integration.

Week 3

Private mentoring session to include client observation feedback and any business development required.

Week 4

Private mentoring session to include feedback, business development, personal integration and research piece delivery.

What will You receive?

Each month we will study one area of content as listed above. Each month there are energetic attunements and energetic frequency lifts, these are layered throughout the year’s experience. Learning how to hold these new energy fields and facilitate for others is a key aspect of this journey. A personal case study should be kept and compiled for submission at the end of the Course, together with a client case study.

Rebecca Kellogg

Paid off tremendously

My apprenticeship experience with Sarah has helped me explore my connection to my inner and outer worlds brilliantly. Both from the standpoint of energy but also of bringing in greater compassion, expansion, and self-mastery. I made a conscious and consistent effort to give my best to this work and held a lot of space for it. I think it has paid off tremendously.

The benefits I've received include a greater level of self-knowledge of my own gifts, and a deeper understanding of how I can help others. I've been guided through many realms of energy by Sarah, and have felt myself step up into a higher level of confidence and mastery.

I've particularly enjoyed Sarah's support as I've navigated this process. She has an even-handed compassion that helps make even the challenging or confrontive aspects of personal development work feel supported.

Rebecca Kellogg
Intuitive Leader & Guide

I know you are ready to be the change you want to see.

Are you ready to rise?

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