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Because the more connected you are spiritually, the more impact you will make to our World.

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You are unique!

No one before you and on one ever again will experience life through your lens. There is such beauty and power in that.

You know who you are… but so much of what you know is within the confines of our cultural labels. YOU are so much more.

You want to have an impact. Make a dent. Be remembered and leave a legacy. But within you – in your inner world – things can get tricky:

You talk to yourself unkindly
You lie to yourself constantly
You are afraid of being all you can be

You are stuck in repeating patterns that are, frankly, limiting.

Life Is A Challenge, Right?

A beautiful journey that teaches us day by day who we are.  Sometimes the very things that nearly break us are the things that open us to our power and potential.

That’s what happened to me. I was going through life, doing all the things I thought I should, living a life mapped out by society (I was good at it). BUT (and here’s the thing)… it nearly killed me. Both literally and metaphorically.

When I hit the milestone of 30. I looked in the mirror in desperation. Could this really be it? This feeling of…..meh?

My Book Tells The Story Of How I Travelled Along The Winding Path Of My Life Since That Day. Towards Something Incredible

I’m candid about my feelings of ‘lost’ to my triumph of ‘found’ so you don’t take 25 years (like I did) to find your truth.  

I share personal experiences that will resonate, make you smile, or shed a tear. The real case studies inside will help you see how spiritual techniques work in our reality. 

All that with 8 channelled shamanic journeys to assist you on your way. And practical applications to help you ground your new knowing of yourself.

Change is inevitable. Change brings challenge. As a change-maker, you know these challenges are exciting. Let me show you how to take as big a bite out of life as you can.

A Quirky Yet Practical Guide To Activate Success Consciousness And Your Higher Self For Anyone Searching For A Deeper Connection To Life

Modern Day Shaman Book Cover.

This book flew onto the page. I sat down to write it and the main body of work came through in just 6 weeks – a sure fire indication that it was meant to be written. My intention was to share my life (it has been extraordinary) and all that I have learned through experience and challenges. I now use all of this for powerful transformations with my private clients.

It is written for spiritual adventurers. For the curious. For the alternative who already know they are more than a body and a mind. To help all of you who are searching: To find your way and remember your truth. Because now more than ever, the world needs you to awaken and share the message of your heart and your soul.

We, as a collective, need the compassionate, the empathic, the spiritually gifted to step forward out of the shadows and to sing their song of the Universe.

Changing the World starts within. Aren’t you ready to take your place in the energetic revolution?

Imagine How Spectacular It Will Feel When You…

  • Align to your higher potential and invite the next-level of your life in,


  • Connect to your spiritual nature and allow it to lead you. It is an amazing way to live! 


  • Trust your intuition and take aligned action again and again. It leads exactly where you need to be to open up the next level of your life and business,


  • Learn the art of spiritual timing so you no longer feel the need to hustle hustle hustle to prove you are worthy of success,


  • Define healthy boundaries that feel good, no longer over-giving because that is what you have been taught you must do,


  • Own your own worth and no longer try to fit into society’s boxes. Finding the confidence to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ authentically,


  • Align to your highest potential. When you refine your energy, your vibration lifts and you live a consistently positive life,


  • Step into your spiritual purpose and join the energetic revolution: changing the World one person at a time.

All this is possible for you when you connect to your higher self, trust your intuition and really learn to love yourself. Taking action from personal strength and mastery.

When you live from your heart, you will discover the life you dream of becomes inevitable. It will create a ripple effect of positive change all around you.

Are you ready to come with me on the journey of your lifetime and discover your highest purpose and potential?

"Insights on how to activate your potential"

“Sarah Negus is the true definition of a master healer in this antidote for the crisis of modern life. Her memoir reads like a shamanic Elizabeth Gilbert. It is deeply moving, inspiring and leaves you with the practical tools to live your own authentic self. Insights on how to activate your potential come with tears, laughter and profound love, much like the experience of being in the room with the Shaman herself.”

Agnes Kowalski
Wealth Therapist and Forbes Contributor

Why Look For An Alternative Way To Live?

  • Living in the rat race is outdated. Even if you win the race, you are still a rat.
  • Gathering material wealth to show you are successful… is an empty win.
  • Taking action, being busy to prove you have worth, leads to nothing but burnout.
  • Consistently ignoring your inner voice is a recipe for disaster.
  • Waiting until your body is screaming at you (because you’ve ignored its whispers), offers exhaustion. At best. 
  • Thinking that you don’t matter, that you have no voice, and that you have no value unless you work your fingers to the bone: will end up killing your spirit.
  • There is a cycle here. We are born, we learn to fit in, we suppress our true nature, we live within our culture’s paradigm until we grow old and die. Unfulfilled, lonely and sad at all the lost opportunities.

There Is Another Way!

The way to your own truth. Your heart. Your intuition. And to your spiritual self.

All these are quiet, in the background. Behind the noise of your need to fit in and your ego’s requirement for success. That craving to prove that you have worth.  After all, our culture teaches us intuition is illogical and dangerous. That your heart’s desires are overly emotional and your spiritual self doesn’t exist.

YET, The most important thing in your life is YOU, the deep you, the spiritual you, the connected you.

How you feel, how you experience life, what you contribute and why, and ultimately how you love.

When you align your inner life with how you live in our external world, everything changes.

You live with purpose, faith, hope.

You find clarity in the noise of excessive information.

You find hope amongst the media’s clamour for crisis and drama.

You are brave and fierce in your expression of who you really are.

AND, you know without a doubt that you have the power to change any situation.

Here’s what it takes:

Changing your perception of the situation, processing the emotional charge it holds, and taking responsibility for your choices.

I’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world to experience true success easily and gracefully. financially, in business, relationships, and within themselves. 

I’m going to share my process with you in my book,
Modern Day Shaman. Find a Deeper Connection to Life.

Sarah Negus dressed in black sitting on a stool.

Hello, I’m Sarah Ann Negus – author of Modern Day Shaman® – FIND A DEEPER CONNECTION WITH LIFE.

I’m a spiritual teacher, executive coach, public speaker and writer. I’m a mother, friend, dog-lover and all manner of other things in between. I believe life is good, life is exciting, and life is a privilege.

I can be found walking in nature, laughing with friends, enjoying new experiences. My whole ethos is to meet interesting people. Something I continue to do day by day.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I used to ignore my inner knowing, my spirituality and my empathic nature. Instead, I tried to fit in and to please everybody around me. This meant a miserable life for me, even though I was living a million dollar lifestyle. It meant 23 years searching for a more authentic, fulfilled self. It meant overcoming 5 car crashes resulting in serious injuries, chronic fatigue and depression along the way.


Which led to becoming an internationally renowned Modern Day Shaman. Running a successful public speaking and mentoring practice. I work with highly successful entrepreneurs, blue-chip corporate executives, and high-flying start ups, helping them to activate the next level of growth and fulfillment – personally and professionally.

I facilitate an altered state of consciousness for my clients, who observe themselves and the world differently as a result. They take actions from a new belief system, which empowers them to achieve what they previously believed was impossible. 

My clients say again and again, “This has been life-changing”.

Lenka Lutonska

Strategy and tactics alone are not enough

Strategy and tactics alone are not enough to make it happen - it’s about who am I as a person, about how I use my energy!

"It is EXTREMELY rare to meet someone who is both Master of Energy, AND a sassy business woman.

This gives your coaching a whole new dimension. I know I can talk to you as much about internal matters as on topics such as P&L etc. While you might not think it’s business coaching, it is, you are offering very valuable perspectives.

The way you hold the energy throughout the coaching process is a unique skill. It’s one thing to say “We will do it together” and to REALLY do it together. I believe results of your clients are as much a matter of fantastic coaching and opening of your clients spiritual gifts, as much as you holding energy for your clients."

Lenka Lutonska
Limitless Millionaire Mentor


Modern Day Shaman Book Cover.

This book’s main message is one of: self-recognition; self-awareness; self-knowledge; self-compassion; and self-love. By knowing your ‘Self,’ by coming into yourself, and by acknowledging yourself as more than merely a physical being…

You can find a deep connection to the planet, to your families, communities, and all the peoples of other countries. In fact, you’ll connect to all sentient beings who live here on Earth (and to the whole consciousness of our Universe) because we are all one.

I believe you will find your place of safety, support and love within. Because you contribute to the oneness that is longing for more love.


  • This is not a book talking about third hand experiences you’ve heard of before.
  • This is not a book with the same old same old meditation practices you’ve heard before.
  • This is not a book containing unrealistic outcomes and vague ideologies.
  • This is a memoir of real experiences in my life. Shared unequivocally with the intention of touching your heart and helping you remember who you are.
  • It is a book that incorporates 10 challenges lived, and 10 lessons learned. They will lift your spirits and help you connect to your higher self and live your best life.
  • You will learn the process of uncovering layers of subconscious programming to overcome your limits and open up to your amazing potential.
  • Each chapter offers a personal story together with a real life case study so you can take my way of spiritual growth and make it real for your life.
  • Each chapter offers a channelled shamanic journey so you can experience vibrational shifts and changes in perspective in your own inner world and mind.
  • (These channelled shamanic journeys are offered in an audio version as well to make it easy for you.)
  • All of this together with practical applications of each learning will super-charge your personal expansion.

"I found something more potent for my life,
in the most alternative way"

“This book takes you into Sarah’s journey of self-discovery so you can find your own. It is the path less travelled which is in itself fascinating. Reading it allowed me to move past everything I knew and find something even more potent for my life in the most alternative way. This is a must read for anyone looking for something more in their lives without knowing what that is.”

John Paul Beeby
Celebrity Fitness and Wellness Coach

And… the best bit…..

The book is energetically coded.

You will feel the change as you read it.

All you need to do is dive in!

Get your digital copy now for just £9.99 £4.99+vat

Modern Day Shaman. Find a Deeper Connection to life is FULL of spiritual tools and shamanic journeys to help you dive deeply into your Soul and find your way to your truth. 

What others have said about modern day shaman: find a deeper connection to life...

Get your digital copy now for just £9.99 £4.99+vat

Are you ready to create the life you dream of?

It is time to allow yourself to truly invest in yourself and love yourself fully.

No more ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to self-care.

No more worrying about over-giving, pleasing or trying to fit in.

No more filling your life with busy-ness to prove your worth.

No more hiding your light behind all the things you think you should be.

It Is time to make a decision! Like I did 25 years ago.

You can go on living as you’ve been living and keep finding yourself repeating the same patterns, relationships, unhelpful decisions that aren’t really ‘you’.


You can decide to take the road less travelled and follow an alternative way.

One that will show you all the beauty you have imagined.

If you are ready to be authentically You.

If you are ready to open up to your intuition and connect to your Higher Self and all the power that lies just beneath the surface of your life.

Get your copy of modern day shaman. find a deeper connection with life. you’ll never look back again!

Get your digital copy now for just £9.99 £4.99+vat


Once you’ve purchased your copy you will be sent login details right away. You’ll be able to access the digital book and the online course experience as well.

This book is for anyone who is tired of living life by societal standards that are imposed on us from birth. If you want to live on your own terms, fulfilling the life purpose that only you can dictate – Modern Day Shaman is for you. Many of my clients are highly successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives. But the book will help anyone  to live an intuition-guided, spiritual life. 

Shamanic journeys take you into an altered state of mind (trance) where you experience alternate realities, parallel universes, and all myriads of alternative expressions and information.  The reason I’m called a Modern Day Shaman is because I combine traditional shamanic practices with modern psychology and mindset concepts to help you adapt ancient traditions to your everyday life.

Yes! You will find a link to all shamanic journeys in the book on page 201. 

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