You can buy my Shamanic Lounge Self-Study for £497

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Shamanic Lounge

For Entrepreneurs and Executives.

The Power of Channelled Shamanic Journeying in a Self Study Course. 

bust through limiting beliefs and activate your next level of potential!

Discover how to unleash the energy of your Spiritual Self in your life and live from your highest potential with the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying.

Have you tried tool after tool, course after course, to try to fix your life and business?

Do you want to find the freedom you need to live the life you dream of?

Do you jump from doing more and more in order to achieve ‘success’?

Have you ever thought there must be an easier way?

Do you feel disillusioned with work, life, our World?

Do you have an idea that there is a deeper meaning for you in this life?

Do you feel stuck without knowing why?

Do you find yourself feeling scattered and question your motives, actions, existence?

YOU are not alone!

Many of my clients come to me with the same problems and then find themselves:

  • embodying their ideas of success within a matter of days and weeks
  • Find a sense of purpose in their career
  • getting published in major publications
  • solve their most pressing challenges
  • growing their income exponentially


You name it!

It happens for them!

Ashley Pare

Big leaps...

"I have made big leaps in my business & life! Sarah’s work is so powerful, I have never come across anyone who has been able to marry the energetic world with the business world like she can. It has been amazing to work with her."

Ashley Paré
Leadership & Executive Coach, Negotiation Advocate & TEDx Speaker

I invite you to widen your vision, to think differently and I will show you how to access your dreams in real-time.  What sounds impossible and implausible is not!

Shamanic Lounge will take you on a journey of recognition and facilitate the rise of your personal power, self-responsibility and give you the ability to change everything within you for the better.

Shamanic journeying is an ancient art, used for thousands of years to solve problems. Whether you find yourself:

  • Wanting to make a bigger impact in the World
  • Looking for meaning and purpose in your life
  • Being pushed to open more fully to your spiritual gifts
  • Requiring more freedom with which to experience your dreams
  • Lacking excitement and motivation in your business
  • Continually replaying situations that distract you from your purpose
  • Searching for connection to your spiritual self
  • Looking within for answers but find nothing useful


Shamanic journeying will support you in solving these problems graciously and will open you up to your limitless success fast!

Your inner world is a library of information. Too often it goes unexplored allowing subconscious beliefs to govern how you think and behave. So if you have an annoying ‘not-good enough’ monkey, or a persistent self-saboteur, or you feel you are meant for success but no one is listening get ready to change. Get ready to empower your intuitive self to guide you to abundant living.

Shamanic Lounge leads you through channelled shamanic journeys designed to help high achieving executives and entrepreneurs, like you, create a life of abundance by having a deeper understanding of yourself so you can hit your goals, smash through your self-imposed glass ceilings and achieve success of your own terms.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the hidden world of your subconscious mind and discover your legend.

You can buy my Shamanic Lounge Self-Study for £497

*+ UK VAT if applicable

The Shamanic Lounge Is For You If:

  • You are ready to take full responsibility for your life
  • Understand that change happens within
  • Realise that change means you will have to do things differently
  • Are ready to be more than you are now
  • Want to experience a spiritual life
  • Love yourself enough to invest in yourself
  • Are excited for your future as you know you have power
  • Know you are always learning and growing
  • Are ready and willing to go deeply within
  • Will take aligned action
  • Are ready to expand your intuition exponentially
  • Are forever curious

The Shamanic Lounge Is NOT For You If:

  • If you don’t like change
  • Are afraid of commitment
  • Fall victim to others
  • Blame situations or events
  • Want someone to fix you
  • Are stuck in the story of who did what to who
  • Think that’ it’s’ not fair
  • Believe that spiritual energy holds power over you
  • Are looking for a quick fix
  • Not willing to invest in you in time or money
  • Think that as a healer you don’t need to do any work on yourself
  • Know it all already
Lenka Lutonska

Makes me think bigger

"No matter how successful my business is, there is always the next level. And I know that strategy and tactics alone are not enough to make it happen - it’s about who am I as a person, about how I use my energy. And there isn’t better expert on this than Sarah. She makes me think bigger!!

It is EXTREMELY rare to meet someone who is both Master of Energy, AND a sassy business woman.

This gives your coaching a whole new dimension. I know I can talk to you as much about internal matters as on topics such as P&L etc. While you might not think it’s business coaching, it is, you are offering very valuable perspectives.

The way you hold the energy throughout the coaching process is a unique skill. It’s one thing to say “We will do it together” and to REALLY do it together. I believe results of your clients are as much a matter of fantastic coaching and opening of your clients spiritual gifts, as much as you holding energy for your clients.

Another of Sarah's unique traits is the ability to exude “quiet power / quiet confidence”. Sarah is like water - quietly able to reshape entire landscape. I find this energy very reassuring for me as a client and rather powerful."

Lenka Lutonska
Limitless Millionaire Mentor


Sarah Negus holding hands below chin.

I am Sarah Ann Negus, the Modern Day Shaman®, I work with highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and high-flying start-ups to help them find consistent successful growth in their lives. With 22 years of experience in the field of energy, and a lifetime of entrepreneurial highs and lows, I bring a unique take on business.

I am a master of all things energy, I can see all that you are, all that you have been and how to use your life’s experience to build the most amazing future for your life and business.

I began my spiritual awakening over 20 years ago, in my early 30s. Back then I was searching, for myself, for deeper meaning, for a feeling of passion for my life and much more that I wasn’t really able to explain.

I use the ancient art of shamanic journeying and marry it with modern psychology and mindset work to bring shamanism into our modern living. I am privileged to work with people all over the World, helping them follow their dreams.

I was lucky, I found an amazing spiritual teacher/shaman who taught me about myself.  I followed a shamanic path, and spent 12 years as a shamanic apprentice, travelled to Peru and studied with the Shamans of the Amazon Forest, and then immersed myself in modern psychology, somatic healing and movement as a way to rehabilitate and become whole, ready, willing and able to claim the life that I knew was available to me, a life that I loved and that ignited my Soul.

THE MOST VALUABLE LEARNINGS were experienced during the weekly shamanic group meditations.  

Journeys into the unknown, journeys into magical lands, journeys into my unconscious mind and alternative realities.  Journalling these experiences, taught me much about myself, and about others.  Continuing to practice and stretch my spiritual muscle allowed me to  experience deeper and more vivid visions, knowings, sounds, information, guidance and insight.  

Learning  how to channel spiritual energies, translate symbolic messages and recognising different energetic vibrations has been invaluable in my life and business and I want to share that with you.

Get my Shamanic Lounge Self-Study for £497

*+ UK VAT if applicable

Working with Sarah has truly been life changing

“Working with Sarah has truly been life-changing! When I first came to her, I was financially tied to helping my family and could not see a way out of my struggle to any sort of freedom. I was also trying to cope with severe depression and suicidal ideations.

With Sarah’s help, guidance and lots of work, my suicidal thoughts ended! They really did! My depression has lifted and I’m really beginning to live a happier and more balanced life. It took a bit of time, but all of my financial struggles were resolved! I have my financial freedom back, and it is glorious!

Working with Sarah got us to the root cause of these imbalances enabled me to clear them, learn from them and move beyond them. It feels fantastic to learn from all of this, to be grateful for what I’ve learned and to be in a place to love my life. Thank you SO much, Sarah!!”

Shawndra Mitchell
Corporate Executive

The Shamanic Lounge

The Shamanic Lounge is a series of 6 Shamanic Journeys that will connect you with the ancient symbolism and imagery your subconscious mind is offering to you at all times, so you can overcome your problems confidently, effortlessly, graciously.

These Shamanic Journeys will awaken and enhance your spiritual power, and allow you to embody success consciousness fully for the most phenomenal awakening. 

Connect To your Potential

Shamanic Journey 1

Your potential is infinite – yet often untapped, especially when it comes to abundance in life. It is time to connect to yours!

The energy of Citrine is shared here to amplify your intention of abundance, the Akashic records called in to assist you become aware of all you can be! Utterly abundant in every aspect of your life!

Dive into the Ocean of Your Unconscious Mind

Shamanic Journey 2

There are treasures lying just below the surface of your awareness, what you cannot feel or see you cannot change.  We journey together into that which is in the shadows bringing light through to lift your vibration. Your Golden Shadow is held here, all that you are, that you can be, that you have not fully integrated.  Powerful work for the brave!

Redefining Yourself

Shamanic Journey 3

Being YOU, means claiming your infinite power and beauty.  We call on the symbolism of your power animals to side step your small self (she/he who likes to say no) and open the power of your Higher Self.

Are you ready to ROAR your name in authenticity, integrity and truth?

You will be after today!

Get Clarity & Manifest Your Hearts Desires

Shamanic Journey 4

Language, voice, creative expression are all ways that you communicate with the World. Throat chakra journeying clears the way for more truth, more manifestation, more certainty and more presence.  More than that the throat chakra feeds the whole energetic chakra system in your body with vitality. 

This journey will clear the debris from this beautiful energy centre and invite you to manifest your hearts desires.

Expand Your Intuition and Inner Knowing

Shamanic Journey 5

Past lives are past and can never be changed, yet they can still teach us much about ourselves.

Journey with me in Workshop 5 and we will discover past lives, ancient teachings, spiritual contracts and much more on this journey into the energy of your spiritual history.  A wonderful way to stretch your spiritual muscle and expand your intuition and inner knowing.

Connect Your Deeper Meaning

Shamanic Journey 6

Connection is something we all yearn for.  

Connection to self, connection to a deeper meaning and connection to all that there is.  

Source energy, the One, the Universe is accessed via the divine matrix, we will journey within it, commune with the Archangels for guidance on your path and insight on how to intensify your spiritual connection and open your intuition more fully.

The Shamanic Lounge will help you create BIG leaps in your life and business like TEDx Speaker, Ashley Paré...

Activate Your Highest Potential with

The Shamanic Lounge Self-Study Program!

When You Sign Up Today You Will Get:

  • 6 Shamanic Journeys that will support you to discover your own path to your highest self and understand how to implement into your life on the most personal level possible.
  • Deep Exploration Journal with journaling prompts to reflect on your shamanic journeys, what you’ve learned and feeling gratitude for your immense progress toward becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Get my Shamanic Lounge Self-Study for £497

*+ UK VAT if applicable

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