A 3 part training combining ancient Spiritual traditions
And modern mindset practices,
to help you…

Fulfill your highest potential in business, life and relationships

Hosted by Sarah Negus, Modern Day Shaman and Spiritual Business Mentor

Normal Price: £197

Special Offer: £27

Find the missing link between society’s limited version of success and your own infinite version of success and fulfilment!

“You need to make [x] amount of money to be successful.”

“You’re not successful unless you go on [x] stage and speak to [x] amount of people.”

“If you want to be successful, you need awards, accolades, achievements.”

I know you’ve heard it all before. We all have.

Our present-day culture celebrates, even worships success.

And yet…

Even the world’s top icons that we deem “successful,” often end up unhappy and feeling hollow on the inside.

And by now, I think you’ve realised why that’s the case.

Because other people’s versions of success will never feel like REAL success to you. You’ve got to find your own unique version of success, to find true genuine satisfaction that comes with paving your own path.

But it’s easier said than done!

I don’t doubt you’ve taken the courses, studied the programmes, trained with the specialists – 

To achieve success in your business, and in all areas of your life.

You still find yourself chasing one goal after another.

You think,

“Once I hit this benchmark, or reach this stage in my business, or get this amount of money…then I’ll feel satisfied. Then I’ll be successful.”

And yet,

No matter what checkpoints you reach in your life or your work, you find the cycle repeats itself. Over and over and over again.

But it’s not your fault!

I’ll tell you the real reason most mindset coaches, success coaches, or productivity programmes don’t get you out of the never-ending cycle of “searching for the next thing:”

They focus on doing your best work instead of being your best self.

And here’s the problem with that:

You can live the most glorious, impressive life and business on the outside, but if it’s not working for you on the inside, it’s not success.

That’s where Success Consciousness comes in.

Success Consciousness starts from WITHIN. You find success from the depths of your most authentic self.

and when you live success consciousness, then all the external pieces fall into place:

Find out how to access Success Consciousness inside my 3 part training

Activate your
ultimate success codes

Where you’ll learn my secrets of Success Consciousness

So you can live and breathe success –

Not just chase after it! 

this is where you will:


Teachings from me and my 25 years of training in Shamanic traditions, modern mindset, and a lifetime of entrepreneurship.

3 channelled unique Shamanic journeys to shift your energy and access your highest vibration.

Shamanic journeying is the bridge between what you see in your current, everyday life and your spiritual energy.

Bridging these two allows you to understand your past and your power. To heal your ‘now,’ and build a foundation for your future. That foundation is big enough to support your dreams and desires – big enough to allow you to build all that your highest potential can achieve!

This deep level of energetic work, combined with practical mindset teachings, creates exponential levels of change in your:
  • Beliefs,
  • Daily actions,
  • Feelings,
  • And the results that come out of these radical transformations.

My 3 Part Training will fuel that inner Success Consciousness within you, in your clients, in your community, and in the world’s wider culture as a collective.

When the world shifts into success consciousness everything and everyone will be empowered.

Today, as the energy rapidly shifts and changes worldwide consciousness practices are coming into the mainstream. Bringing opportunity to all.

I’m inviting you to be part of this cultural, conscious revolution.

Will you answer the call?

One payment of £197 £27

Sarah Negus

Hi there,


24 years ago, I left a multi-million dollar lifestyle and marriage. I was living the ultimate vision of “success”…on the outside.

But I felt dead inside.

I looked in the mirror and didn’t know who I was.

And that’s when I left everything (with my son in tow) and embarked on my own spiritual journey, my own Success Consciousness path.

It was a bumpy road! I did every kind of work, from cleaning houses, to interior design, to modeling! And despite the challenges, despite the fact that these ‘jobs’ wouldn’t look like success to anyone on the outside…

I was, in fact living my version of success. Because I was following my own unique path. I was taking action as the BEST version of myself every day.

And that’s what led to the successful (again, my OWN version of success) multiple 6-figure business that I run today. 

I love my work.
I have meaningful partnerships with my clients.
I operate out of a sense of my ultimate higher purpose in life.
I have rich friendships, a community of powerhouse women who challenge and support me, and a wonderful relationship with my son.

One of the MAIN things that helped me get through those challenging years as I transitioned away from my old lifestyle and into the new…

I had an intuitive knowing that success was not about what I did

but was about who I was and how I showed up

even in the depths of challenge.


One payment of £197 £27

Anneliese Mckay

A Very Special and Unique Experience

“Sarah guided me to lean back, stop doing, start really being, and working how I want to work in my business. I took more time out, started walking in nature more, and hardly 'did' anything in my business, but rather followed my 'flow.' In six months, I have had 231% return on investment, my biggest month sales-wise in my business in 5.5 years, and launched and sold my first Evergreen product.

I feel really good about myself, put me first, and more importantly I know when to stop now. I don't push hard in my business anymore because that doesn't work.

Working with Sarah is a very special and unique experience, she gently encourages you through the hardest of challenges and deepest, darkest, feminine wounds and I highly, highly recommend her!”

Anneliese McKay
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