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You’re striving to reach your highest potential...

But you are afraid of what your life will look like when you become the highest version of yourself...

Your inner world holds everything you need to say goodbye to feelings of not being good enough and self-sabotage and say hello to personal power and abundant living.

Evolve and Thrive is a 6-week self study program designed to help heart-centered entrepreneurs, like you, create a life of abundance by having a deeper understanding of yourself and allowing you to welcome a life of business, relationship and financial success.

It's time you build a magical life... Become the best version of yourself and create the life you crave to impact the world on a deeper level.


Why This Program Was Created 

If I offered you every single PROVEN tool I've gathered over 20 years of being a Modern Day Shaman... Every system to overcome the obstacles standing between you and the life of your dreams... Would you take them?

Evolve and Thrive is THE 6-week self-study designed to give you the tools and space you need to look inside yourself... Bring your unseen potential into existence... And design your dream life from the inside out.

You’re ready to use your spiritual connection to tune into your intuition and master your energy to discover the riches of your inner world... And bring it ALL to life!

The Program for Female Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Leaders Who Want to Master Their Inner World to Create an Abundant Life and Business and receive Financial Success.

You want to overcome your fears, hurdles and obstacles stopping you from creating your dream life.
I offer the space and tools you need to make it happen easier and faster than you thought possible.

Who Will Get The Most Out Of This Program?

If you’re ready to uncover the hidden woundings from your past that are holding you back, release the negative self-talk, and want to unleash your creative power, connect your intuitive voice and spiritual wisdom.

Evolve & Thrive was made for you!

If you’re a female business owner, coach, consultant or leader making 5 figures, but KNOW you are meant for more…

If you’re wanting to unleash your potential and welcome abundance in life, business and your finances… have a greater sense of purpose… and master your inner world to create more wealth in your outer world…

Evolve and Thrive is the solution you’ve been looking for!


Here's a look inside:

Past, Present, Future Impact

week 1

Whatever your level of success or personal development, there will be times you will be up against your past beliefs, patterns, and emotional wounds.

In the first week, we will raise your awareness and discover new areas of growth so you continue to develop your spiritual gifts to let go of who you used to be.

You’ll be able to look at the energy of your past and recognize the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that have been buried but have a huge impact on who you are today and who you are meant to be.

This week we’ll build the foundation of your future self.

 Energy First

Week 2

During the second week, I will share powerful energy management techniques to help you:

  • Manage your emotions and triggers so you can handle any hurdles or obstacles that come your way in life and business.
  • Understand how to stay focused and how to expand your energy and ideas to keep the ball rolling and help you earn your first 5-figure month.
  • Easily lift your vibration in ANY occasion and ANY circumstance… Because nothing works if your frequency is not aligned with your dreams

Healing Your Inner Child

week 3

We all have a part of our psyche, called the “inner child” that heavily influences our feelings thought patterns, behaviors and ultimately, the results we achieve in our lives, businesses and relationships.

We will get in touch with that little girl to comfort her, calm her and let her play.

The child within you is a powerhouse of creativity. She is curious, open-minded and joyful. By integrating her into your energy everything will change... forever... You’ll be able to take charge of today and each day after. Evolve and Thrive will help you dive deeper into knowing and understanding your inner child, because there is always more that she can teach you, regardless of how well you already know her.

Dance with Your Shadow

week 4

Your shadow is the unconscious part of you that influences 90% of your behavior.

This week you’ll learn to dance with your shadow... Rather than fight with her... To uncover the wonderful parts of you that you haven’t been aware of until now so that you can constantly work in harmony and create the life and business of your dreams.

This is when the fully empowered woman inside of you will awaken to the bigger picture of your life.

Tapping in to Your Higher Self

week 5

Your higher self knows everything about you, your past, your needs and what you need to do to move forward with ease.

This module is about strengthening your intuition tremendously to tap into the all-knowing, all-powerful part of your psyche, at will so that you can feel confident in every decision you need to make, trusting yourself to know you are always on the right path.

The Golden Triangle of Creative Power

week 6

Inner child, shadow and higher self come together to create your Powerful Trine, or Golden Triangle of Creative Power.

3 is a magic number in the spiritual realms and a triangle is the sacred geometric shape of creation.

In the last module, we will bring these 3 inner gems together in unity, harmony and for your highest good at all times, so your future will work by YOUR design. Your abundance will become inevitable and you’ll be ready to create massive impact in the world.


What's Included in Evolve and Thrive?

  • Full access to the 6-week online, self-study program (£1500 Value)
  • 6 actionable and easy-to-follow weekly sessions designed to feel as though you are having a personalized 1:1 session with me (£900 Value)
  • 6 Shamanic Journeys to listen to so you can discover your own path to your highest self and understand how to implement what you learn in Evolve and Thrive into your life on the most personal level possible (£300 Value)
  • 6 supporting PDFs that include a deeper exploration into each weekly lesson with journaling prompts to look back on what you’ve learned and feeling gratitude for your immense progress toward becoming the greatest version of yourself (£300 Value)


The Shamanic Lounge

The Shamanic Lounge is a series of 6 Shamanic Journeys that will connect you with the ancient symbolism and imagery your subconscious mind is offering to you at all times, so you can overcome your problems confidently, effortlessly, graciously.

These Shamanic Journeys will awaken and enhance your spiritual power, and allow you to embody success consciousness fully for the most phenomenal awakening.

 Connect to Your Potential

Shamanic Journey 1

Your potential is infinite - yet often untapped, especially when it comes to abundance in life. It is time to connect to yours!

The energy of Citrine is shared here to amplify your intention of abundance, the Akashic records called in to assist you become aware of all you can be!  Utterly abundant in every aspect of your life!

 Dive into the Ocean of Your Unconscious Mind

Shamanic Journey 2

There are treasures lying just below the surface of your awareness, what you cannot feel or see you cannot change. We journey together into that which is in the shadows bringing light through to lift your vibration. Your Golden Shadow is held here, all that you are, that you can be, that you have not fully integrated. Powerful work for the brave!

Redefining Yourself

Shamanic Journey 3

Being YOU, means claiming your infinite power and beauty. We call on the symbolism of your power animals to side step your small self (she/he who likes to say no) and open the power of your Higher Self. Are you ready to ROAR your name in authenticity, integrity and truth? You will be after today!

 Get Clarity & Manifest Your Hearts Desires

Shamanic Journey 4

Language, voice, creative expression are all ways that you communicate with the World. Throat chakra journeying clears the way for more truth, more manifestation, more certainty and more presence. More than that the throat chakra feeds the whole energetic chakra system in your body with vitality. This journey will clear the debris from this beautiful energy centre and invite you to manifest your hearts desires.

 Expand Your Intuition and Inner Knowing

Shamanic Journey 5

Past lives are past and can never be changed, yet they can still teach us much about ourselves. Journey with me in Workshop 5 and we will discover past lives, ancient teachings, spiritual contracts and much more on this journey into the energy of your spiritual history. A wonderful way to stretch your spiritual muscle and expand your intuition and inner knowing.

 Connect Your Deeper Meaning

Shamanic Journey 6

Connection is something we all yearn for. Connection to self, connection to a deeper meaning and connection to all that there is. Source energy, the One, the Universe is accessed via the divine matrix, we will journey within it, commune with the Archangels for guidance on your path and insight on how to intensify your spiritual connection and open your intuition more fully.


The Shamanic Lounge will help you create BIG leaps in your life and business like TEDx Speaker, Ashley Paré...


// Business And Mindset Strategist For Women Change-Makers

I have been working with Sarah for the last 12 months and the words can’t quite express how much I cherish her expert guidance and work as Modern Day Shaman.

In terms of tangible results, we have doubled annual revenues over this period, and now I am working with Sarah towards multiple 7-figure impact this year and 8-figure impact over the next few years... which feels simply inevitable.

Why? Because I am a great client - and Sarah is PHENOMENAL coach.

Her ability to hold energy is out of this world, and her guidance pushes me to look exactly where I need to look to release yet another level of impact and growth. The work with Sarah stretches me at times a lot, but she is there to lovingly hold my energy while I - and my business - go through these changes.

I love Sarah limitlessly and cannot recommend her highly enough to those who are here to make a huge impact on the world!

Amy Bellart

// Aromatherapist/Healer

I had wanted to work with Sarah for a few months before it manifested, and our session was perfectly timed. I came to Sarah with a decade of shamanic work under my belt, during a time of transition, eager to experience Sarah’s method and to work with a female shaman. Sarah may be soft spoken on video, but wow, she is a spiritual powerhouse. She blew me away. Within minutes Sarah nailed, my “issue,” something that was the very core of what I sought help with. We took a journey to a particular lifetime to reclaim what I had given away.

What happened next was totally unexpected and quite frankly miraculous. In calling back the energy I had given away, I was gifted with a very powerful spontaneous initiation from an ascended master and a remembrance of who I was, who I am, and what I am capable of. Since our session, many wonderful shifts have been happening.

The most significant shift has been a sense of completeness. For most of my life I had felt that “something” was missing. I am now able to be present in the moment, in a way that previously eluded me. It is hard to explain, but I am no longer caught up in worrying about what is to come, or feeling antsy for the next “thing” to happen. I have a much clearer sense of myself as a Cosmic Being. I was watching the sunset illuminate the sky one evening, soaking up the beauty of it, as hues of gold, pink, orange and purple lit up wispy clouds. This clarity came, that I absolutely am a spiritual being, a traveler who is currently “hanging out” getting the Planet Earth experience, and I was filled with an incredible joy. That feeling was accompanying by an indescribable “knowing” about the vastness and variety of what the Universe has to offer.

Sarah is a master healer and teacher. I am filled with gratitude that our paths crossed and even as I write this am in awe of the work we have done together and it’s profound impact on my life. Sarah helped me reclaim a precious part of myself that makes going forward with my soul’s purpose feel effortless and comfortable. It has given me the clarity and confidence to truly see, understand, and to put my gifts out into the world. I look forward to continuing the work I have started with her so that I can more fully serve my own tribe.

Kelly Morgan

// True Voice Content

I found Sarah when I was searching for a new Coach. I knew that I needed to fully step into all my potential and that I had a lot of things holding me back. I had done so much work before yet still not gotten that full breakthrough. I knew that I had a deeply spiritual part of me that needed fully awakening and stepping into so I just instinctively knew that Sarah would be able to help.

Today, a year on, My life looks completely different. I am doing what I love and I am getting well paid for it. I feel like I am fully in the driving seat of my life now and I’ve fully birthed my work. I am so so happy. Before my income was up and down and now it is consistent. I feel like I can totally depend on my business. I feel so so happy!

On top of all of this, working with Sarah has delivered so much more than I expected. Really uprooting deeply rooted sabotage patterns, really helping me to step into my purpose, finding ways to communicate what I do as I found that hard before, money and flow. It has been surprising how deep the work goes and what we have uncovered. All of which has opened up space in my life for me to live more fully, more vibrantly, in wealth on every level.

If you are thinking of working with Sarah, stop thinking..do not hesitate. You will thank yourself so much. Sarah is the real deal. I am so grateful to have met her and have worked with her and even though I’ve finished a year of working with her I will continue as I know it will bring more abundance, flow and deepness to my business.


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