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How to Get Over the Biggest Inner Gremlin You Have – Guilt!

Want to overcome the one of the biggest inner gremlins that can play havoc with your energy?Lets talk about Guilt.Feeling guilty is a feminine malaise.You feel guilty that you’re staying at home to nurture and launch your children.You feel guilty that you’re following your dream of building a business.You feel guilty that you’re not happy […]

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Top 3 Limiting Beliefs and How to Shift Them

I’ve just spent this past weekend at an extraordinary event, it was called Extraordinary Live.It was, well, Extraordinary….. and, what’s more, I got to chat and mingle with a packed room of entrepreneurs.  AND, event MORE, I got to find out what was going down within them. It was so interesting, I learned that our self […]

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Why 7 figure entrepreneurs need shamanic support

So you’re a visionary, you visioned to life your amazing business, you have so many ideas that they can overwhelm you and it can be difficult to decide which one to focus on, especially when you like everything to be perfect.You’re the highest achiever you know, and its easy, which makes you feel like a […]

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6 Steps to Expand Your Energy and Expand Your Impact

Expanding your energy means you grow as a person.  Expanding your energy means allowing yourself to receive more and more experiences in your life that fill you with joy, excitement and happiness.  Expanding your energy means living a healthier life, inside and out.Personal growth, spiritual growth, taking steps to your next level in life and […]

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Why Self Belief is a ‘must have’

Self belief. The illusive ‘must have’ to build a successful life.You can’t put self belief on like you can a killer outfit, and you can’t paint your face with self belief like you can ‘go get ’em’ make up. AND you can’t release self belief into your blood stream like you can endorphins with the […]

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