Why Self Belief is a ‘must have’

Self belief. The illusive ‘must have’ to build a successful life.You can’t put self belief on like you can a killer outfit, and you can’t paint your face with self belief like you can ‘go get ’em’ make up. AND you can’t release self belief into your blood stream like you can endorphins with the […]

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How do I tune into my intuition

How do I tune in to my intuition?

You’ve asked yourself many times, ‘how do I tune into my intuition’, yet the answer still seems elusive.  That sixth sense, that mystical power feels out of reach to you.  Or perhaps you tune in for a moment and then it all goes fuzzy as the white noise of your mind chatter drowns out the […]

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2 Why Shadow work is SO important to personal growth

Why Shadow work is SO important to personal growth

Inner work, or as its called sometimes Shadow work is the answer to a lot of your challenges.No… don’t roll your eyes and look to the ceiling.. Shadow work really is the answer to many of the challenging patterns that occur in your life.  Your Shadow, or your unconscious holds all the information of every […]

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4 Why do I have a prominent shadow self-

Why do I have a prominent shadow self?

The shadow self!  Ooohhhh…. are you imagining something dark, dangerous and downright difficult?  If you are, then you are amongst the many.  The idea of our shadow self conjures up all sorts of fabled dysfunctional archetypes, and culturally speaking shadow is shunned.  I, on the other hand, as the Modern Day Shaman, LOVE your shadow […]

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how do i set a soul intention

How do I set a Soul intention?

A Soul Intention is a little different to an everyday intention. It is not the same as waking up and setting your intention for how you are going to experience your day. It is not about achieving goals or about how you take action towards any specific goal. A Soul Intention is something that deeply resonates with your […]

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1 How do I increase my emotional vibration

How do I increase my emotional vibration?

Increasing your emotional vibration is something we all could do with, yes even me. Increasing your emotional vibration is another way of describing inner work. You know the stuff we do when we want to be better than we are. The stuff we do when we want to develop our emotional intelligence. Our emotional intelligence […]

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2 this book has got soul

The book’s got Soul!

Its not very often that I read an online book. I’m a book in hand, page turning sort of girl. I like a good title, a weighty feel and an idea of some sort of personal development or spiritual knowledge. I’m not a novel reader, occasionally I’ll read a biography but that’s usually saved for […]

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