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welcome to the rat race

Welcome to the Rat Race (Blogging Challenge Day 6)

​The sound of the letter box rattling caught my attention and I ran to see if the letter I was waiting for was there. I caught my breath… there it was…. “Private and Confidential, Miss S A Gray……. Croydon….. The week before I’d been for an interview, in London, actually in The City, for a […]

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7 why moden day shaman?

Why Modern Day Shaman? (Blogging Challenge Day 4)

Wow, sometimes when I’m feeling great, happy and with a strong sense of purpose and movement forward into life I get a reality check! This happened today. I published my first article on LifeGrid Magazine, an online magazine for life professionals to share their life and work and I was super excited about it. So […]

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Are You Ready To Push Past Your Fears?

Are you afraid of stepping up and speaking out as the Healer you are? Are you afraid of birthing the Healer within? Today I had a discussion with one of my students. The subject that came up was the fear of persecution that healer’s and energy workers feel in society today. The fear of speaking up […]

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I have questions for you. Are you taking responsibility for your life, for your choices for you? Or do you look to others to tell you what to do? Do you consult your guides, oracle cards, mediums or psychics often? Do you need validation from spirit that the choices you’ve made are the right ones? Have you […]

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