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Today I’m talking about the balance between the feminine and masculine energies within us, how they play out, which one pushes forward and which one creates and how combining them consciously can bring healing.Why? Well, when we manifest we are moving between the feminine and masculine energies in balance, uniting them, and when we connect […]

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BIG DREAMS REQUIRE ACTION!HERE ARE MY 7 SIMPLE TIPS TO BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE. You dream big. You visualise an amazing life. But something isn’t working. We’ve all been there… so, how do you lift your vibration to match the vibration of your dreams and desires? Wayne Dyer coined the phrase ‘The Universe doesn’t give you […]

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Channelled Message, the American Election

In response to Amanda Heisman’s request on the live stream, I’ve sat down and asked for spiritual information around the American Election. I am not American, I don’t know the nuances of the political system of the USA, with that in mind, this is what came through. “The World is going through a huge change, humanity will […]

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feeling stuck

Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Stuck?Feeling Stuck ?  Want to change it? Easy – change your perspective! Experience a HUGE shift in your life – Self-Mastery… Click to Tweet This came to me during a session with a client. The theme she came with was a feeling of being stuck, nothing that she could put her finger on… Just stuck […]

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Momentum or Intention

​Are you living your life fuelled by momentum or intention?Today I’m asking a question.Do you live a life fuelled by momentum or intention?I know that I sometimes have to look at my day to day world, take stock and then usually a breath before I start to work out what is important to me for […]

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Zsa Zsa Zsu

Zsa Zsa ZsuWhat’s that?It’s YOU when everything about you, mind, body and Soul are all aligned and working together. It’s that feeling of excitement, contentment, exhilaration, love, knowing and peace all at once. It’s almost indescribable and it will be unique to you. I first came across the term watching Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw used it […]

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What Is Shamanism?

What Is Shamanism?Why the Healer’s Healer? You all know me as The Healer’s Healer and Modern Day Shaman but what does that actually mean?The term Shaman is said to originate from the Tungun tribe in Siberia and refers to one who can see beyond the veil. In the indigenous people of the world the medicine […]

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Embracing Your “Bonkers”

Embracing your ‘bonkers’She’s Mad but She’s MagicThe journey along my path has been the University degree that gave me the basis of my business. My business is ME, or an extension of my passion for leading a spiritual life that brings authenticity, love, compassion, drive, determination and creativity.
 But, honestly I did drag my feet with […]

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Shadow Talk

Shadow TalkWhy bring up your dark side? Why bother talking to your Shadow? Well, Jupiter is retrograde until May 2016 which means all of our junk, unresolved issues, negative thought patterns and old behaviours will be being shaken up.Click here to jump down page and watch my video now The planetary influence having an affect […]

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