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Clever or Lucky?

Clever Or Lucky? I grew up in South London, Croydon to be exact, and one of the sayings that has stuck in my memory is whether someone that had achieved success was ‘clever or lucky?’Lately I’ve been thinking this one over. What does it mean? The person, was clever, implying that they hadn’t had to […]

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The Vagus Nerve ‘The Nerve of Compassion’

The Vagus Nerve “The Nerve Of Compassion” The vagus nerve begins at the top of the spinal column, it is a long bundle of nerves and collects and sends information all around the body. It activates the heart, lungs, liver and digestive organs as well as controlling the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous systems is responsible […]

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Free Writing

Free Writing Every morning before you step out of bed, reach for your notepad and your pen and allow your unconscious thoughts to pour out of you onto the paper. Three pages in all, every morning.WHY? I hear you say. I just haven’t got time……….to those uninitiated these ‘reasons’ (I call them excuses) stop one […]

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‘When you are ready the teacher will appear’…

When You Are Ready The Teacher Will Appear Sarah Ann Negus, born in 1967 in South London to a working class family, her mother an immigrant of Italian descent, her father the only child of a family of market traders. Sarah has one younger sister. She left school at the age of 15, worked in […]

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