4 what are the signs of low vibration-

What are the Signs of Low Vibration?

The signs of low vibration in a person are many. They are all connected to a wide spectrum of feelings, all negativity based.That is a very sweeping statement, isn’t it. I did try to soften my approach here, but there isn’t an easy way to say it. Low vibrational living is a direct expression of […]

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what does abundant living mean

What Does Abundant Living Mean?

For me abundant living is a way of being. It is an important mindset, belief, core value, whatever you label it, abundant living is my way of life.It means being able to see beyond the limitations of our culture, or the learned beliefs given to us by our parents and loved ones. It means seeing […]

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7 why a fire bucket is essential to your personal development (1)

Why a Fire Bucket is Essential to Your Personal Development

A fire bucket!? Essential to your personal development!? Are you Mad? Nope.. I’m Shaman. The fire bucket is what you will need to easily carry out a fire ceremony in your garden without setting fire to your house/shed/garage/pergola or outside furniture.Why would you bother with a fire ceremony? Well…A fire ceremony is a traditional shamanic […]

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5 Ways to Activate Your Abundance

That old elusive energy – abundance… Everybody wants it. Yet how do you activate the energy of abundance within you? Its the million dollar question, right. The ever changing idea of success. Whether you define abundance or, indeed, success as money, health, happiness, travel, business growth, personal growth it all comes down to having more […]

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2 what are abundance seeds?

What are Abundance Seeds?

The term abundance seeds sounds very conceptual or metaphorical doesn’t it? But, it is something that accurately describes the first thought you have around a goal, a desire, a dream. It is the beginning of the manifestation process.Abundance seeds are the idea, concept, wish, dream, desire, intention that you begin with when co-creating with the […]

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What Does High Vibration Mean?

You’ve heard the terms ‘high-vibe’, but what does high vibration actually mean?Lets start with everything is energy. Everything emits an energetic frequency depending on how it is made up. So we, as human beings, have a particular energetic framework. Something that emits ‘human’ rather than ‘mouse’ or ‘tree’ or ‘airplane’ or ‘table. On top of […]

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25 intention setting

How to Set a Powerful Intention

How do I set a powerful intention? This is a question that many of my clients ask me. After all powerful intentions are the things that help create our dreams and the life we live.I would say they are one of the MOST important things you can do to make a different to the quality […]

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your peruvian continued

Peruvian Story Continued

(Peruvian story continued Part 1 here – Part 2 here – Part 3 here – Part 4 here)Aguas Calientes was a bustling town and Viv, my spiritual teacher and Shaman, was well known here. This made my experience even more special, as it meant my Machu Picchu adventures would occur before any other tourists were […]

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