Sarah’s Journey Into Shamanism with Elin Barton

Sarah’s Journey Into Shamanism with Elin Barton – listen to my latest interview with Elin Barton on her podcast.

“A modern-day shaman, Sarah Negus talks about her own journey into shamanism and reveals how her work helps her clients become empowered in all areas of their lives.

In this episode Sarah talks about how she was “different” even as a child, born with a gift to “see beyond the veil” of what most of us consider reality. She also shares insight into how empowering it is for people to learn that they can shift their energy and essentially alter their entire experience, regardless of any past traumas or current situation.

Key Points We Discuss:

  •  Sarah’s personal journey into her own shamanic journey
  •  The history of shamanism and how this practice fits in the modern world
  •  What psychosynthesis is and how it relates to Sarah’s work
  •  How everything is energy and how to shape your experience by shifting your energy
  •  The idea of helping people “experience themselves” by being in a trance state”

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