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This book flew onto the page. I sat down to write it and the main body of work came through in just 6 weeks - a sure fire indication that it was meant to be written. My intention was to share my life (it has been extraordinary) and all that I have learned through experience and challenges. I now use all of this for powerful transformations with my private clients.

It is written for spiritual adventurers. For the curious. For the alternative who already know they are more than a body and a mind. To help all of you who are searching: To find your way and remember your truth. Because now more than ever, the world needs you to awaken and share the message of your heart and your soul.

We, as a collective, need the compassionate, the empathic, the spiritually gifted to step forward out of the shadows and to sing their song of the Universe.

Changing the World starts within. Aren't you ready to take your place in the energetic revolution?



"Insights on how to activate your potential"

“Sarah Negus is the true definition of a master healer in this antidote for the crisis of modern life. Her memoir reads like a shamanic Elizabeth Gilbert. It is deeply moving, inspiring and leaves you with the practical tools to live your own authentic self. Insights on how to activate your potential come with tears, laughter and profound love, much like the experience of being in the room with the Shaman herself.”

Agnes Kowalski
Wealth Therapist and Forbes Contributor


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