Shamanic Lounge

6 Shamanic Journeys To Bust Through Your Limiting Beliefs So You Can Activate Your Next Level Of Potential


Shamanic Journey One
Connect to Your Potential

Your potential is infinite - yet often untapped, especially when it comes to abundance in life. It is time to connect to yours!

The energy of Citrine is shared here to amplify your intention of abundance, the Akashic records called in to assist you become aware of all you can be!  Utterly abundant in every aspect of your life!


Shamanic Journey Two
Dive into the Ocean of Your Unconscious Mind

There are treasures lying just below the surface of your awareness, what you cannot feel or see you cannot change.  We journey together into that which is in the shadows bringing light through to lift your vibration. Your Golden Shadow is held here, all that you are, that you can be, that you have not fully integrated.  Powerful work for the brave!


Shamanic Journey Three
Redefining Yourself

Being YOU, means claiming your infinite power and beauty.  We call on the symbolism of your power animals to side step your small self (she/he who likes to say no) and open the power of your Higher Self.  Are you ready to ROAR your name in authenticity, integrity and truth?  You will be after today!


Shamanic Journey Four
Get Clarity & Manifest Your Hearts Desires

Language, voice, creative expression are all ways that you communicate with the World. Throat chakra journeying clears the way for more truth, more manifestation, more certainty and more presence.  More than that the throat chakra feeds the whole energetic chakra system in your body with vitality.  This journey will clear the debris from this beautiful energy centre and invite you to manifest your hearts desires.


Shamanic Journey Five
Expand Your Intuition and Inner Knowing

Past lives are past and can never be changed, yet they can still teach us much about ourselves. Journey with me in Workshop 5 and we will discover past lives, ancient teachings, spiritual contracts and much more on this journey into the energy of your spiritual history.  A wonderful way to stretch your spiritual muscle and expand your intuition and inner knowing.


Shamanic Journey Six
Connect Your Deeper Meaning

Connection is something we all yearn for.  Connection to self, connection to a deeper meaning and connection to all that there is.  Source energy, the One, the Universe is accessed via the divine matrix, we will journey within it, commune with the Archangels for guidance on your path and insight on how to intensify your spiritual connection and open your intuition more fully.

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Shamanic Lounge

Powerful Shamanic Journeys to bust through your conditioning and develop your intuitive power.