How to Set a Powerful Intention

My Dad was a larger than life character, he loved life, food, wine, cognac, art, conversation and debate, he loved family, he loved his Mother who was 93 when she passed. He was difficult too, especially with me. You see, he liked to be in control, he liked to feel needed and he liked to win. I on the other hand challenged what he had to say, withdrew when criticized or controlled and would confront situations and discussions head on when I disagreed. All this meant that I loved my Dad, but didn’t spend a lot to time with him as he triggered me hugely, most of what he said fed into my ‘your not good enough’ belief pattern.

He passed over about 3 years ago… well, on 21st April 2013 to be exact. He was 252 lbs, suffered with adult onset diabetes, had an enlarged heart, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and high blood pressure. He had been chronically ill for about 10 years, yet died suddenly it seemed. I was with him, as was my sister, He’d called me early on a Sunday morning and we both knew something was different about this day. He couldn’t even stand up, I called the ambulance and under a blue light and sirens we traveled to the Accident and Emergency department at May Day Hospital in South London. My sister was on her way up from Brighton (an hour’s drive).. so I sat with him… he couldn’t breathe.. the doctor told me his lungs were filling up fluid, we needed a particular machine to drain them, but two other people were using the available ones, so we waited… Dad’s lungs took on more fluid… we waited… and then he died. We were in shock, life is so tenable, so precious and is taken in an instant. He, though, looked more peaceful in death than I had ever seen him look in life.

How do I set a powerful intention? This is a question that many of my clients ask me. After all powerful intentions are the things that help create our dreams and the life we live.

I would say they are one of the MOST important things you can do to make a different to the quality of your life. Stepping forward towards something you desire with love, excitement, determination is the way to make your successful outcome non-negotiable.

I use the word powerful here because a half-hearted, wishy washy, not really sure about it, might change my mind tomorrow intention will not do. It will not do at all. You see your intention, your thought, your conscious movement towards your goal is the energy of the Universe and you want that energy to hold the frequency of creation. That frequency or vibration is love. Our Universe is made up of this stuff, of love, it may get distorted in our physical world but ultimately love is what we need to build bridges, to have relationships, to birth ideas, love is creation.

A powerful heart-felt, I’m so bloody sure about this, confident, no matter what, this is absolutely for me and I am worth it in every way, is what you need to call towards you all your desires.How do you do that? I have a process, for me it is second nature and something I do without thinking to much now. Years of falling flat on my face have taught me that these ups and downs are part of the puzzle, that perceived failures are actually lessons leading me onwards towards what it is that I want to live. I noticed that when my intention was certain, and when I didn’t give up, and when I kept my mind positive and my thoughts happy and grateful my intentions turned into real things.

Here are my 5 steps to create a truly powerful intention.

Step 1 – The Decision.

Decide what you want. What is it that sets your soul alight with excitement. This can be a big dream that may need many step by step intentions to achieve, like moving into a home that you own, or it may be a goal you want to realise in a short time, for example, attracting a new client in a week or a month. Whatever it is, the intention you set around it must have the same energy, certainty, determination, a knowing it is there for you, and, this one is important, gratitude for your life now and all that is coming towards you, this links into the energy of love and makes things happen very quickly.

Step 2 – Chunk it down.

Chunk down your big dream or goal. What will need to happen in your life for you to achieve it? Currently, I want to build a studio in my garden, I have a vision of holding intimate workshops in it, with views over the meadow, the fire pit burning and many gorgeous people getting to know me, and their lives changing from the work we do together. I can feel the joy in the air, I am excited to welcome new faces to my community and I know my message will bring self awareness and self growth for them. (See, think, feel, know). I am holding the energy of gratitude in my heart that I can share my life’s work and that it has brought me to this place already. (love). This dream isn’t going to come to life with the snap of my fingers, but if I can fund it, then I can plan it and then I will build it. So funding it is the first thing to be done. To do that I must raise my visibility, invest in marketing , create new connections and share my message more widely to the World. I’ve chunked down my intention here to manageable bits. To the thing that I can actually do now.

Step 3 – The magic part.

Sit quietly, conjure the image in your mind’s eye of what that dream looks like, feels like, smells like, even tastes like. Ask yourself how will you show up when you’ve achieved it? What difference will it bring to your life? How will you celebrate it when you have it? Let this evolve in your mind, and in your energy for a few moments. Allow yourself to be grateful for the dream and excited for your life. Drop into your heart and allow the feeling of love to expand into your being. Then decide what you will do right now to take you towards succeeding in that goal/dream/desire. Think of all the things you need to happen that you have not got control over, hand them over to the Universe to do for you. Ask the Universe to send you what you need. I think of this as a job-share, the Universe and I co-create, I do everything I can to be visible and the Universe puts my blogs, my videos, my courses, my posts, my ideas and thoughts in front of my soul clients, the people that will benefit from my work and my message.

Step 4 – Ground the intention.

Writing down your intention grounds the energy and is the first step towards making it real. So put pen to paper. Yes, write with a pen. Open your heart in love and excitement and write down your intentions for growth, to manifest and to succeed. List all the benefits you will feel and receive, everything you can think of. For me the benefits of building my Studio are many. I fulfil a dream to hold workshops in my home, it means I will have to step strongly into the role of teacher, public speaker and host. I will be able to touch the lives of many, and in the long term, because they have changed so will those around them. My Studio will allow me to create a ripple effect of positive lasting transformation for others.

Step 5- Press the ‘GO’ button.

Taking action is pressing the ‘GO’ button. The process of you doing what you can do towards your goal, with excitement, knowing, certainty, determination and gratitude for all the growth you will experience in the process means the Universe sees that you are ready, it goes about its work behind the scenes putting things in place so that you can come into to contact with everything you need to on your way towards your dreams.


YOU have just set a very powerful intention, trust that the Universe has heard you and is responding to your energy. It may not play out in the way that you expect, but it will play out in exactly the right way for your journey and your personal growth.

What has been your powerful intention today? Comment below and amplify the energy of it.
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