Shadow Talk

Why bring up your dark side? Why bother talking to your Shadow? Well, Jupiter is retrograde until May 2016 which means all of our junk, unresolved issues, negative thought patterns and old behaviours will be being shaken up.

The planetary influence having an affect on us is to shift past ways of being that hold us back, understand and accept them, heal them bit by bit so we can move forward towards our own excellence, our own brilliance our own light.


So lets talk about our Shadow, the term is associated with the negative, shady dealings, in the shadows, and where we keep our negative emotional baggage hidden. For example, anger, fear, betrayal, jealousy are all negative human emotions that aren’t acceptable by our culture, our families, and we keep them buried in the darkness of our unconscious, our Shadow looks after them.

Often, though, we don’t feel comfortable with aspects of our light. For example, our true potential, self love, self compassion, these aspects of ourselves are also given to our Shadow to hide.

As with everything there is duality. We could not see the stars if there wasn’t darkness, yet we accept the night sky as the darkness of the cosmos and in that acceptance it becomes a neutral force from which we can see (with the help of modern scientific technology) the wonders of the Universe as it evolves. We see the planets, nebular and distant galaxies. As we understand, with the help of quantum physics, the nature of the Universe more and more it becomes a place of wonder and of inspiration.

Imagine if you got to know more about your darkness, your Shadow, how awesome would you become?

I always think about taming my shadow, not into submission, but into neutral.

She likes to roar in the most inappropriate moments, usually with behaviour that I barely recognise as mine, and honestly, I don’t like it much.

So when I sit with her to communicate I like to find out why she does what she does:-

• She always tells me its to keep me safe

• She always tells me she wants to be understood

• She always tells me she wants to be loved

Stripped back, she holds me back with fear, anger, victim, rigid views that find change difficult, and with many other things too. As she does that my potential gets lost and buried deeply within her.

​My job is to understand the behaviour, thoughts and outbursts, realise where they began and how they evolved. Be grateful for the safety they once gave me and love her for her tireless work on my behalf. Then I need to hold my Shadow close and invite her into the dance.

​A dance where I am the leader, where she has less chance of tripping me up, less chance of taking over and where she learns to trust my lead. Where she gives up the secrets of my potential and allows me to love and cherish my Self.

Getting to know your Shadow doesn’t need to be hard, difficult, emotional or scary. I can show you how to connect with her, and bring her closer so you can communicate together rather than reacting to her when she feels the need to step forward and rule the day. So you can step firmly into your own power, knowing yourself well ‘warts and all’, and yet still opening your heart with love and compassion for yourself. Imagine your life lived with a deeper understanding of You! Imagine how amazing you will feel when you can see your potential within you, when you can feel it in your heart and express it with all of you, not keep in hidden. After all, our purpose is to be our most wonderful, brilliant, light Self.

​If you’d like to know more email me at and lets talk.

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