Ascension Shock – Are You Struggling? (Blogging Challenge Day 20)


Ascension Shock

What happens when we lift our vibration, shift through an emotional block, receive a download of information or experience a global energy ascension?

Of course everybody is different, and will have individual ways of dealing with these energetic shifts. During my work and my own spiritual journey I have noticed a pattern, which is confirmed again and again by my guides, by my body and by my clients as I work with them.

Lifted Vibration

1. When we do the work to lift our vibration. This might be in the form of working through some of our ‘mind chatter’ and coming to an AHA moment in terms of our own make-up, our own history, or a deeper understanding of who we are. This may have taken some time to achieve, and the process of incremental ascension will have happened almost without knowing it. Most often we will get tired, we will be affected by others as the Universe sends us triggers to see if this new understanding of ourselves is going to stick. If we are going to choose to move up with our behaviour as well as our energy. Sleep is a good thing, it allows our guides to ‘work’ on us without our conscious mind getting in the way and blocking their work or stopping them getting close enough to help us. You’ve all heard that saying when you’ve got some decision making ‘sleep on it’… well that’s good advice.

Push Our Ascension

2. When we actively push our ascension, we are aware that we want to be more. We want to be able to expand quickly and want to be able to ‘see, hear, know’ with our spiritual senses. This tends to be driven by our own human impatience. If there is a tendency to want to be the best, to be competitive, to rush to the end goal or, if you hold a pattern of not being kind to yourself,( not allowing yourself to rest, punishing yourself for not achieving your goals), then the rush towards spiritual expansion is fueled by your own need, your own emotional immaturities and this causes problems in itself. Spiritual awareness and expansion are available to us all, yet we all experience differing versions of them, dependant on our inner world and our spiritual path. If we shift our energy up, up, up and lift our frequency without processing, without understanding ourselves then burn out is a huge risk. Time is a human concept and not one that spirit works with. Your ascension will happen in the right time. If not, your body will suffer. Headaches, extreme tiredness, inability to connect or concentrate, tummy problems and not being grounded all will appear as if out of nowhere. Don’t rush, be patient and kind with yourself, as if you were a cherished child taking their first steps, trying new foods to eat, exploring their new friends at school. For this is what you are doing with your Soul, and it needs time, as it is housed in a physical body that doesn’t rush and whose whole point is to process information in the form of emotion. Emotion is energy in motion, don’t run too fast with it as you’ll get exhausted on every level.

Physical Symptoms

3. When we receive a download of information or a global energetic ascension when the whole planet shifts, this can manifest physical symptoms immediately. These energies are unconscious they come because the time is right in the cosmos and they clear out old wounds that need to shift, that we need to let go of but haven’t. This can cause cold like symptoms, physical pain or manifest infections out of nowhere. Go with this, this needs to happen. You’ve let go and shifted, and your body is catching up. This is a time to really nurture your body, as your unconscious long held onto wounds have been shifted. Sleep, go within, allow your guides close, take time to heal. Usually 7 to 14 days of self care will allow you to feel the wonderful lift you’ve received. It’s time for you to do the work on your inner world, to life your vibration and open up your intuitive channel.
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