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Do you use Trance? What is trance? Is it scary?

Do you use Trance? What is trance? Is it scary? Yes, I take my clients into trance during shamanic journeying. This means they alter their state of consciousness. Which means moving through the different brain waves that we as humans emit. The first stage is ‘Alpha’ state which is the bridge between your consciousness mind […]

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Is Shamanic Journeying like Star Trek?

Is Shamanic Journeying like Star Trek? Shamanic Journeying may be a little like Star Trek, it takes you beyond what you already know about yourself, to a frontier of new possibilities and discoveries of who you are. It is a little bit like story telling, you are guided into your subconscious mind and imagination to […]

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What is Channeling?

What is channeling? Channelling is a natural form of communication between our reality and the spiritual realms. A Shaman is the bridge between and is able to translate spiritual information that comes through in the form of symbolism and imagery. Every channel (person able to hold and understand this communication) does that through their own filter. […]

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Elon Musk: Successful Leader or Business Addict?

Being a successful leader does not mean that you have to sell your soul to the devil, or in fact to your business.  Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweets that no one changed the world working 40 hours a week, but I disagree. You can change your world, your inner landscape in much less time. And I […]

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What Does Your ‘Inner Child’ Mean?

What does ‘inner child’ mean? – this is an aspect of your subconscious. It is your experience of childhood both remembered and not. It is your creative nature, your sense of wonder in the world and it is often wounded, unheard and needing to be loved. It is part of you always and will always […]

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How Did You Come to be a Modern Day Shaman®?

This video talks about my journey from being interested in energy work, to fully embracing shamanic energy in our modern world. How this ancient art is relevant today and helps my clients, entrepreneurs and business owners, to overcome the challenges they are faced with.Watch to discover How i became the modern day shaman!Raise the frequency […]

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What Bought You to a Career as a Spiritual Mentor?

I began my career in the 1980s at the London investment bank S. G. Warburg and Co. It was fast paced and pretty wild but very rewarding — at an exciting time when the old-fashioned ways of the City were being replaced by hard-nosed capitalism. But following burn out and a bout of depression, the […]

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Why My Ayahuasca Ceremony Didn’t Work First Time

This video explains why Ayahuasca sent me to sleep the first time I drank it. How being present in my body made a difference and allowed me to open up to my spiritual truth going forward. Plant medicine is powerful and is used for spiritual awakening and health.why my ayahuasca ceremony didn’t work first timediscover […]

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