Taming Your Shadow (Blogging Challenge Day 31)


The term ‘shadow’ was first mooted by Carl Jung in his work and theories of the psychology of human personality. He theorised that it held all the dark parts of a person’s personality, all the primal instincts and the less it was recognised by the individual the ‘darker and denser’ it was.


My work with the shadow side has led to me many understandings, the most important one, I feel, is that it not only holds the darkness of us, it also holds our intense light. Our potential, the part of us that we are not ready to embrace, for the responsibility of stepping into the shoes of someone so great, so wonderful, so amazing, is too much.

Our shadow governs 90% of our behaviour, unconsciously pushing and pulling at our emotions and behaviours. This is why shadow work is SO important for someone wanting to expand their self awareness, to get to know themselves, and to master the energies within them for their greater good.


I first came across shadow work 20 years ago. I was working through a series of workshops called ‘Vision Training’. These teachings were all about walking your path to your purpose, visioning your potential, and stepping towards it. Shadow work was a large part of the training for how can you shine brightly without first getting to know the parts of you that go bump in the night that whisper into you ear, hold you back and keep you stuck. I remember working through many things that I wasn’t aware of within me, and finally envisioning a horse drawn carriage full of animals and children, with me in the drivers seat, and the energy of love all around. At the time, I didn’t really understand it. Today, I find myself there. Not in the driving seat of a horse drawn carriage, but the force pushing my life forwards, with my son all grown up, my step-children in their teenage years, dogs all around us, and a home full of love and support and excitement. Turns out, my vision back then was pretty spot on!


Shadow work gets down and dirty with all that you’ve learned about your life and yourself. All the things you couldn’t process as a child, all the times you needed to survive, so ignored trauma or buried anger or sadness to enable you to fit into a world that felt unforgiving and unkind. It covers all that you are, that shiny bright amazing person you are moving towards, it shrouds it in your unconscious. It is there, but slightly out of reach.


The way to bring it closer, is to look into the darkness and to bring each buried event, emotion and behaviour into your awareness. You need to understand these events and your part in them to see that you are different now, an adult and not vulnerable, not wanting to fit in or please, but someone who has choice and freedom.


Why look at your Shadow?


1. She drives a lot of your unconscious behaviour!

2. She holds your unseen potential within.

3. She is half of your whole!

4. She will take you to the edge of your boundaries where growth occurs!

5. She will bring you AHA moments!

6. Knowing her will strengthen you and raise your vibration towards all that you can dream of.


What you resist will always persist. So take the time to look within you, into the darkness of your inner world and uncover the secrets held within. There is gold in their for you. Your potential, or as I call, it your Golden Shadow is waiting to come into the light and shine.

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