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Step on the path that will say good bye to feelings of inadequacy, and say hello to intuition, abundance and fulfillment. Step on THE HEALERS JOURNEY.

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If you're stuck and searching, my work will show you your roadmap to clarity of who you are, what you want and will give you all the signposts you need to make it your reality.


My 12 week program experience with Sarah was nothing short of incredible.I found myself looking forward to our sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the meditations. I had so much information come through- more than I ever expected or hoped for. My results were profound in the sense of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I also was able to delve into my spiritual side on a much deeper level and learn so much about the Universe and ultimately, myself. I came to Sarah with some heavy burdens around physical (chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain) and emotional trauma. I also shared a common practice of many, which was to live in my head most of the time and disconnect from my body (even though I knew how to connect to my body, I didn't want to feel the pain).In the spiritual community, I was hearing a lot about "letting go" and "releasing," but not always as much about the specifics in the process it takes to get there. Sometimes, I was left feeling like 'Why the heck can't I just let this go already?!' With Sarah's help, I was able to first accept the trauma- and its teaching role in my life- then understand it, then process it, and finally, to release it.Sarah is highly skilled and experienced as a Modern Day Shaman, and was able to easily lead me into meditative state and on Shamanic journeying- we met with chakras of the earth, the archangels, aspects of my higher self, my spirit guides, my soul in a past life, my ancestors, and Source himself.Her work is phenomenal, her spirit is compassionate, and her guidance has been a precious gift in my life. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your gift with me and with the world.If you are considering working with Sarah, please just do it. Your future self will thank you. I did not "have the money." My logical side thought if I was going to invest in a program, it should be another business-building one. I am so glad I went with my intuition and invested in myself and business by doing Sarah's program. The experience and results are invaluable, and Sarah has my unhesitating recommendation.Thank you, dearly, Sarah! You have become very precious to me, and I'm so grateful our paths divinely crossed.

Amanda Heisman