The Healing Club - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

Be The Change You Want To See In  The World

The Healing Club

A unique group of spiritual souls searching for personal insight and personal healing, dedicated to serve the greater good. Connecting to the higher realms through journeyed meditation. Committed to passing on messages from spirit. Inspired to give.

The Healing Club came to be from the energy of Source. The message was strong, and clear. To collect together a group of people who want to lift their vibration, who want more than the norm, who care about the planet, who care about humanity, who care about the natural world, who care about their community, their family and their friends, who will join together to send healing to our Earth.

Each month I will host our Club, we will gather together from across the globe with a common intention. To heal ourselves, to listen to the Universe, to send healing to the World.

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