The Intuitive Success Academy With Sarah Ann Negus V2 - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor


With Sarah Ann Negus

The Modern Day Shaman’s 4-month live online journey for entrepreneurs, coaches and change makers ready to break free from ego-based business and embody their Intuitive Success Superpowers

We start Monday 4th October 2021

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You missed out!

Imagine running a profitable, impactful business… in deep connection to your spiritual truth + the energetic, intuitive, feminine aspects of yourself.

If you're an ambitious entrepreneur, coach or change maker looking to deepen your connection with your spiritual self and take your business to the next level, you already know that hard work, hustle and strategy will only get you so far

You know that to expand into your full potential and create a life of ease, grace and flow:

  • You need an experienced guide to take you deeper into your own wisdom.
  • You need a supportive community that uplifts you and challenges you to trust your own path.
  • You need energetic practices to bolster your growth.
  • And you need a proven journey to self-mastery that’s a world away from shallow, “woo-woo” self-development.


  • Gracefully grow your business with intuition instead of ego with the support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Use Shamanic journeys, energetic activations and consciousness raising experiences to help you listen to your intuitive nudges and make aligned choices in your business and life with greater ease.
  • Be inspired to create intuitive offers that support and resource you, your family, and your clients.
  • Trust yourself to know exactly what to do and when, and actually enjoy growing your business.
  • Lead your life from within always!

Not only is all of this 100% possible, but there’s also a solution to help get you there 10x faster and with greater ease, grace and flow.

welcome to the

Intuitive Success Academy

A 4-month, live online experience to connect, expand and embody your Intuitive Success Superpowers and reach your next level in life and business

There are so many versions of “success” out there -- you’re ready to discover one in complete alignment with your own Soul’s truth.

Because you’ve tried doing business and life the conventional way.
Without being tuned into your inner guidance, it all feels so frustrating (never mind slow).

does this sound familiar?

  • You create a group programme because that’s what everyone else seems to be doing. But you don’t have any passion for it, and your sales are lacklustre, making you feel even more resentful and tired. You know you could do better, but how?
  • You get an invitation to be interviewed on a podcast… but your gut says “NO” and the fear feels like it’s twisting your body in two -- so you turn it down and beat yourself up later when your main competitor’s episode goes viral. Why on earth didn’t you listen to your inner voice and not your gut?
  • You want to do deep work, but find yourself distracted and procrastinating, buying the latest cookie-cutter course instead. It’s easier to learn something new rather than look at what’s really missing in your understanding of yourself.
  • You spend hours preparing for client calls, always worried you need more tools, training and credentials to really deliver the results you want to and terrified of being criticised or “found out”. 
  • Your client sessions run over time, ALWAYS.  Why is it that you take your client to that point of transformation, but they procrastinate and take up more and more of your time and energy.
  • You have a colour-coded, perfectly presented 10-page strategy spreadsheet for your launch, but uplevelling still feels chaotic and drama-filled with family and friends bringing problems, and you finding your emotions go from high to low without reason -- why can’t it be easier? 

There is another way.

If you’re here it’s because you can feel the call (and it’s getting louder and more insistent every day).

The call that says you’re here to spread a very special message that only YOU can bring. 

That insists you’re ready to lead and do things differently. To create offers that people can’t help but share because they’re so fresh and innovative. 

That tugs at your heart, saying it’s time to forge your own path and step into your role as a leader in your niche and say YES to invites for podcasts and speaking gigs.

That pesters you to reach higher to your next level clients and release doubt and the ‘not-good enough’ monster in your mind.

You want to feel certain. To feel a deep trust in your path. To know you’re connected to a wisdom that can solve any problem you face.

If you’re struggling to reach the next level in your business, it’s likely you’re missing the vital connection to the inner guidance that will set you on your unique path to success (that doesn’t and can’t look like anyone else’s):


"If it calls you to give more meaning and depth to your life, if you want to learn to create a life and business from within, then Sarah is the right person for you."

Jessica Josinger

Spiritual Mentor & Guide, Medium, Shaman

If you’ve tried using your intuition before and it “didn’t work” OR you’re doing all the “right” things but still not seeing the success you crave, you’re probably making the same mistake other visionary (overworked) entrepreneurs are making...

Most people think intuition is about
following your gut.

But the truth is, gut feelings are based on your protective fight/flight/freeze response that sees any change or growth as potential danger (and so stops us from moving forward with what we really want, OR leads to burn out as we push through anyway).

Real intuition is different.

You may not know yet that:

  • Everyone has innate intuition.
  • Your intuition is like a muscle, it needs exercise to get stronger.
  • There are certain habits (that most business owners do) that take you further away from your intuition and keep you stuck.
  • Intuition can feel like a quiet voice, a hand on your shoulder, a steady heartbeat or like feeling lifted up.
  • It can be subtle. It can also be forceful.
  • However it shows up, your intuition is always guiding you towards EXPANSION

So why do so many ambitious, intelligent, successful women have trouble following their inner guidance?

One word: fear

It’s drilled into our brains from birth that we should only trust what we can see, what can be proven by science or maths, or by someone who’s “more experienced” than us. 

We grew up being told to ignore our hunches and the messages from our bodies, and to follow only logical, left-brain thinking instead. Anything deemed feminine, spiritual or energetic was seen as dangerous and - frankly - weird.

It’s natural that you might fear your intuitive powers - but they are POWERFUL.

Far from “woo-woo”, intuition is a way of thinking and feeling that leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Steven Spielberg all rely on when making business decisions.

the secret is out:

What could that “next-level” look like for YOU?

  • Popping champagne corks again and again as you double your income to 7 figures in a year (while working less)
  • Revving up your start-up with an 8 figure investment offer
  • Looking at your calendar and seeing you’re fully booked up with dream clients
  • Watching in awe as client after client celebrate epic results
  • Being so full with clients you set up a waitlist as people literally queue up to work with you
  • Picking up the keys to your dream home knowing you paid £100k less than the asking price!
  • Feeling the deepest fulfilment in your body as you finally finish writing the book that had been ‘in progress’ for 7 yearseducated 100s of students
  • Healed your relationship with your mother
  • Consistently earn £20k months

These are real results from clients who have done this work. Think it’s not possible for you? WRONG! The only difference between these people and you is that they said “Yes” to connecting with their Spiritual Self, and they’ve never looked back.


Sarah’s 4-month long programme is an extremely potent energetic container, where you will be called and guided to step into the highest version of self. 

Sarah will take you on a deep journey of massive growth by tapping into your personal energy and awakening your Intuitive Success Superpowers - and shifting you and your business to an entirely new level.



-- The Energy Work

Downloads. Messages. Pings. Ideas. Inspiration.

We all want them -- and when it comes to running a successful business, innovative ideas that solve problems for your soul-aligned clients is what gives you the edge. 

Through Channelled Shamanic Journeys, Energetic Activations and live experiences, expect sudden ideas for genius new offers, nudges that lead to profitable new partnerships, and solutions to problems that your logical mind could never have come up with.

This isn’t about academic learning, but about experiencing and embodying deep trust in your intuition and surrendering to where it wants to guide you. Expect an adventure into the unknown like you’ve never experienced before.


-- The Community

Most people think intuition is about following your gut. 

The tide is turning in the online business world. More and more women are realising that they already have the guidance they need inside them, and they don’t have to look to guru’s outside of themselves anymore.

When you join Intuitive Success Academy, you’ll have the support of entrepreneurs just like you who are pioneering a new, more fulfilling way of doing business and life. 


-- The Expert Guidance

Sarah’s 20+ years serving high-level leaders 

Live Q&As, experiential training and Sarah inside the Facebook group doesn’t mean you can outsource your wisdom: This whole experience has been carefully crafted to help you turn back to YOU. Sarah can show you the path, but you have to choose to walk down it.


-- The Live Workshops

Embody your Intuitive Success Superpowers  

Energy, spiritual work, and living in alignment and in FLOW is ALL about trusting your intuitive self. 

Sarah has guided everyone from 7-figure coaches to Microsoft directors along her 4-stage path to Self Mastery -- and now it’s your turn.


-- The Intuitive Success Superpowers

Embody the 5 Intuitive Success Superpowers

Identify yourself as a compassionate thought leader so you get invited to speak on stages and stand out as an expert in your field; Not because you’ve learned everything you need to, but because you’ve translated your knowledge and experience into wisdom.

Forging your own path and differentiating yourself from the crowd with a personal brand that is uniquely yours so that you stand out in a sea of sameness and have clients coming to YOU to buy. YOU become an energetic magnet evoking your own growth.

Innovating your own mind to discover solutions to problems so you can serve with more ease. Activate this Intuitive Success Superpower and you’ll have clients wondering how you deliver such spectacular results. Utilizing energetic growth to evoke more and more ideas and AHAs in your life.

Spiritual growth
Living with confidence, clarity and a deep sense of wellbeing and spiritual growth so that you can energetically hold more: clients, money, impact and embody that truth in everything you do.

Aligning your focus with a sense of substance and truth so that you no longer get distracted and can finally scale your business to the next level without push, struggle, drama or crisis.

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to a curated bonus suite to take you to the next level even faster.

On some level, you know you always have the answers you need.

Yet something prevents you from being able to access that information -- especially when you need it the most.

That’s why you’re here;

You don’t want to leave your success up to chance anymore. You don’t want to keep running on ego anymore. You don’t want to keep outsourcing your decision-making anymore.

You want it all to be easier, more graceful, more fun!

You want a different, more soulful way -- that actually works.

The Modern Day Shaman approach is anything but woo-woo.

Intuitive Success Academy follows a unique Self-Mastery path that incorporates the ancient art of shamanic journeying along with modern psychology and mindset work for profound and lasting results. 

This is more than changing your beliefs and thoughts.

This is more than lip-service.

This is more than a quick fix.

This is more than learning something and knowing it conceptually.

This is the antidote to modern living.

This is the  alternative to modern business models of hustle and push.

If you’ve ever had an inner knowing of a personal truth, and doubted it.
Or if you’ve heard your inner voice give you an answer, yet disregarded it.
Or if you’ve found yourself in a serendipitous situation and not acted upon it.

Then you are tuning into the power of your energy, yet not fully utilising it.

Intuitive Success Academy will take you on a journey within your own inner world where you will discover your unique spiritual truth, it will show you how to ground that information, decipher its symbolism and take effective aligned action that will take you to your next step in your own development and evolution.

After all YOU are the most valuable asset you have!

Kelly Morgan


Before my income was up and down and now it is consistent. I feel like I can totally depend on my business.”

“I found Sarah when I was searching for a new Coach. I knew that I needed to fully step into all my potential and that I had a lot of things holding me back. I had done so much work before yet still not gotten that full breakthrough. I knew that I had a deeply spiritual part of me that needed fully awakening and stepping into so I just instinctively knew that Sarah would be able to help...

A year on, My life looks completely different. I am doing what I love and I am getting well paid for it. I feel like I am fully in the driving seat of my life now and I’ve fully birthed my work. I am so so happy. Before my income was up and down and now it is consistent. I feel like I can totally depend on my business. I feel so so happy!”

meet your guide

Sarah experienced her spiritual awakening over 22 years ago while searching for a more meaningful and impactful way to live her life. She spent 12 years as a shamanic apprentice, travelling to Peru and studying with the Shamans of the Amazon forest. Fascinated and deeply moved by her calling she marries this ancient art with modern psychology and mindset work to give it relevance in our modern environment.

Over the years, Sarah mastered her craft while bringing up a Son, transforming her life and building her entrepreneurial experience. Today she brings the power of ancient shamanism to modern visionaries and leaders, helping them to fully embody their highest potential.  Sarah is a Modern Day Shaman®️ Extraordinaire and author of the Amazon bestselling book, Modern Day Shaman®: Find a deeper connection to life.

She works with highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and high-flying start-ups to help them create consistent success and growth in their lives. With over two decades of experience in the field of energy, and a lifetime of entrepreneurial highs and lows, Sarah brings a unique take on business.

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Here’s exactly what you’ll receive when you join
Intuitive Success Academy:

  • A deeply transformational and intensive journey during which you’ll embody your unique Intuitive Success Superpowers.
  • Introduction to Success Consciousness Meditation straight to your inbox on joining to help you settle and ground and enable you to clear your energy and connect to your higher mind.
  • 4 x LIVE GROUP TEACHING SESSIONS to kick start your own inner mentor and take you on a journey to aligned actions connected to your most successful life.

1. Aligning to your unique Leadership Blueprint
Activating the Intuitive Success Superpowers of Leadership and Personal Brand. 
Journey to an altered state of consciousness specifically outlining your energetic blueprint, so you can take steps in alignment with your spiritual truth and become the leader only YOU can be

2. Intuitive Innovation
Unlock the Intuitive Success Superpowers of Innovation and Creativity.
Innovating your own mind to discover solutions to problems so you can serve with more ease. Utilize energetic growth to evoke more and more ideas and AHAs in your life.

3. Connect to your Inner Team
Activating the Intuitive Success Superpower of Spiritual Growth
Learn how to evoke your internal conscious observer, your creative self, your shadow, your higher intelligence and bring your intuitive mind to the fore as the leader of your life.

4. Scale your belief, scale your business
Lean into the Intuitive Success Superpowers of Self-belief and Focus. 
Turn blocks into doorways to truth and inner knowing and experience focus and clarity like you’ve never known.

  • 4 x Q&As with Sarah to help you deepen your Intuitive Success Superpowers and trust your nudges in a safe, encouraging, reflective environment.
  • Channelled shamanic journeys to attune you to the highest vibration of your energy available and for you to practice.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: to build a sense of community, for accountability and to post your questions.  This energetic container is very powerful and a big part of our work together.  

your investment

Pay in full

£3333 + VAT

Spread the cost

3 x monthly payments
of £1,500 + VAT

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To help you start seeing tangible results right away from your intuitive guidance, as soon as you sign up you’ll get access to Sarah’s:


Business DNA (worth £1499)  

A powerful masterclass so you can uncover your Soul-aligned personal brand aka the one thing you need (that no traditional marketer will ever teach you) to differentiate yourself and stand out in the online soup of sameness.


Energetic Audit (worth £49)

A step-by-step journey where, within a few hours, you’ll see exactly where you’ve been draining your energy and how it’s impacting your health, relationships, happiness, finances and business success. Clear out the noise so you can hear your intuitive guidance.

Includes special channelled Shamaic journeys so you can begin shifting your energy immediately:

⚡Energetic Management Shamanic Journey

⚡Spiritual Focus Shamanic Journey 

⚡Vision your Future Self Shamanic Journey

You will gain access to the membership portal with these self-guided bonuses so you can dive deeper into your own journey and take 100% responsibility for your amazing growth.



Sarah’s Proprietory Process - Energetic Evaluation and Potential Activation Session.


A LIVE Group Session, where Sarah will work with each person individually to evaluate their energetic potential and pinpoint the ONE thing that needs to shift to allow the energy of that potential to grow and become experienced.


Arrive at the session with your biggest resistance, most difficult challenge, strongest blocks recognised, acknowledged and most importantly energetically transformed so you can embody a higher version of yourself.



Business And Mindset Strategist For Women Change-Makers

I cherish her expert guidance.

"I have been working with Sarah for the last 12 months and the words can’t quite express how much I cherish her expert guidance and work as Modern Day Shaman.

In terms of tangible results, we have doubled annual revenues over this period, and now I am working with Sarah towards multiple 7-figure impact this year and 8-figure impact over the next few years... which feels simply inevitable.

Why? Because I am a great client - and Sarah is a PHENOMENAL coach.

Her ability to hold energy is out of this world, and her guidance pushes me to look exactly where I need to look to release yet another level of impact and growth. The work with Sarah stretches me at times a lot, but she is there to lovingly hold my energy while I - and my business - go through these changes.

I love Sarah limitlessly and cannot recommend her highly enough to those who are here to make a huge impact on the world!”

Dr Shanequa Fleming


I’ve embraced the great vision of who I am and the power of my calling

“I’ve had the ability to lead and inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves since I was a young girl.

However, like many women, at pivotal points in my life what IS natural for me became clouded by the filters of society that suggests women should “be seen and not heard.” So I muffled my voice. 

Working with Sarah has helped me to clearly see the core and true essence of who I am.

I’ve embraced the great vision of who I am and the power of my calling to lead and support other executives and leaders to powerfully serve the world.”

I know you’re serious about creating genuine change so you can reach your fullest potential.

So... you have a choice right now: either,

  • Keep doing what you’ve been doing, trying again and hoping things will be different this time.


  • You can sign up for Intuitive Business Academy and have new possibilities for your life open up in front of you.

Ready for a VIP Upgrade?

Intuitive Success Academy offers incredible support in order for you to unlock your Intuitive Success Superpowers and take your business and life to an entirely new level using the power of your intuition. 

Every woman stepping into Intuitive Success Academy is a VIP. However, you may be one of the special women who settle for nothing less but the highest and best support available. You will appreciate the value in working with Sarah in even closer capacity and put yourself on Sarah’s VIP clients priority list for exclusive 1:1 sessions and initiations channelled specifically for you.

Ready to dive into your creative super-power and sky-rocket your success levels from within?



I increased my prices by 5 times, and had three new clients at the new price within two weeks

“After one session with Sarah, I increased my prices by 5 times, and had three new clients at the new price within two weeks. Within six months of joining her mastermind, I had a 231% return on investment, my biggest month sales wise in my business in 5.5 years, and launched and sold my first Evergreen product. I feel really good about myself, put me first and more importantly I know when to stop now. I don't push hard in my business anymore because that doesn't work.”


Ok, I understand I need to build the intuitive muscle -- can’t I just do it myself?

You can certainly try -- and you may have some success.  Just like you can learn to drive a car on your own. But without an expert instructor teaching you how to navigate the car and the road you may find that you crash without really knowing why.  That driving instructor has years of experience and expertise helping you master the controls of the car and decipher the rules of the road, so you can quickly, effectively and safely become a proficient car driver.

It’s exactly the same with your energy -- having an expert to work with you speeds the process up and allows you to uplevel so much faster, avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

When does this start?

The journey officially begins Monday 4th October 2021 -- but expect energetic upgrades as soon as you say ‘YES’ to this adventure.

How much time will it take each week?

We have two teaching and coaching sessions per month and aside from that you will want to dedicate more time to the powerful energetic practices – once you feel and experience the transformation they bring, you’ll want more and more! That said, we have designed this training to fit in with your existing business, so don’t worry about being overwhelmed – you’re going to get EXACTLY what you need, when you need it.

What if I miss classes?

There will be recordings if you miss class so even if life happens, you will still be able to access all the teachings to watch. While we’d love you to experience the live energy, the teachings and practices shared will be just as potent via recording.

Is this for me if I’m brand new to business?

Absolutely! Whether you are a brand new to business or have been hustling for years, Intuitive Success Academy will quickly build your confidence and your business.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Find out more about payment plans here.