Rise UP and remember your birthright!

Rise up and let us change the World together, one woman at a time.


Intimate experience for only 8 special women, if it resonates and you want to talk about securing your place, message me here.
I only have 6 places left, so send me a message to join.

Our global consciousness is shifting, many feel there is crisis. I say it is a calling for all of those who promised to come and bring change to remember their Soul Contract.

This is where YOU come in.

You are ready to take on your leadership role to be empowering and inspiring for others, a light to follow, an energy that knows.

You are ready to become Shaman.

The Modern Day Shaman Mastermind will give you all you need to bring the Shaman within you to life, you are a bridge between our reality and the spiritual realms. You are a powerful guide for those who are lost, you help hold the light to our World and have a part to play in the global growth of us all.

If you are reading this take it as a spiritual nudge, a spiritual push, a spiritual SHOUT OUT.

There are no coincidences This is for you.

Many of us who grew up in the Western World are in fact Shamans but don't know or understand it.

We have gone into hiding because our culture feels uncomfortable with the Shamanic way of life.

One that embraces our Earth, the Spiritual Realms and Energy as part of our whole existence.

We have buried our gifts to fit in, to be accepted, to please others.

The global consciousness is changing, and we are needed. It is time to come out of hiding and be SEEN.


  • are called to explore your spiritual self more and more
  • have an affinity with nature and all that live on our planet
  • have an understanding that you are part of a bigger consciousness
  • are opening up to your spiritual super powers and want more
  • know you have come to help others
  • have always felt different
  • feel like you don't fit in to our modern world


Intimate experience for only 8 special women, if it resonates and you want to talk about securing your place, message me here. I only have 6 places left, so book your application call now.

So... if you:

  • are a sensitive and can feel, hear, see or know the way to help others
  • experience vivid dreams during sleep or while awake (spirit is communicating with you)
  • feel that you astral travel at night for the greater good
  • have experienced many life lessons and know this has bought you compassion, experience and understanding

and.. if you:

  • are wanting to move to the next level in your spiritual practice
  • know the time is right for you to grow your business
  • feel the pull to help more clients in a deeper way
  • know you are a leader and are ready to step into that role

and, if you are ready to embrace the Shaman within you, to push past fear of being different and know this difference is because you have a purpose and a spiritual promise to fulfil.

The I have something absolutely special for you.

A Mastermind over 6 months that will teach you everything you need to understand your shamanic energy and integrate it into your life and business.

A Mastermind that will provide you with personal support in energy, in practice and within you so that you can remember who you are:


A Shaman initiated through life's experiences, eager to learn and to serve through your own unique work.

Cristina Aroche Healer and Mindset Coach

...Operating at new levels of energy, fully connected to my higher self.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Sarah Ann Negus for her work and gifts that she so generously shares with us.I recently started working with her privately in her mentorship program, and the experience has been nothing short of AMAZING and life-changing. I came to her because I knew I was meant to serve the world in a big way, but had no idea how to control my energy and ground my creativity into my business.

I had no idea what to expect from this program, but I knew that she could help me. But what I’ve uncovered so far on this journey with Sarah is absolutely mind-blowing, at least to me it is! In just 4 sessions, I uncovered my spiritual gift of being a channel for the archangels!!!

I’m so excited about this discovery and even more excited to strengthen my channel and to bring angelic healing into the world through my work. Sarah is absolutely brilliant at what she does, and I am so grateful to have her as my mentor. I can’t wait to see what the next two months and beyond will bring. So Sarah, THANK YOU!!! I’m so grateful to have you by my side as I continue on this magical journey.

So much love and light to you!

Magaly LaMadrid Personal Coach

I am feeling clearer, lighter, and most important more loving.If you are ready to expand and evolve, I could not recommend her more.

I knew the moment I signed up for the program it was meant for me. Weeks ago, I had set the intention to place in my way whatever it was that I needed in order to grow as a person and in my business. I had wanted to work with Sarah for some time but the timing wasn’t right. As soon as the programmed opened up, I signed up almost immediately. There was no hesitation. That is how I knew it was meant for me.

The meditations alone were powerful. I felt a natural high that lasted for hours at a time. The shifts that took place during the course were incredible. I uncovered some deep rooted blocks that were affecting my family and business. The following weeks were even more incredible. It was if I was walking with a whole new set of eyes. So many things have unfolded since then and continue to unfold. I am feeling clearer, lighter, and most important more loving.If you are ready to expand and evolve, I could not recommend her more. I must say though, hold onto your seat and enjoy the ride.”

My awakening to my Shamanic path was something I struggled with. Born with spiritual gifts and wisdom beyond my age I hid everything I knew, could feel and see within me and put on different masks all to fit in with I thought the World around me would accept. I found myself living a lie that looked amazing on the outside but left me lost inside.

I had car crash after car crash (the Universe wanted me to wake up), I kept getting ill, Ulcerative Colitis, Bowel Cancer, Chronic Pain, Depression, you'd think I'd realise there was something wrong within me but I didn't. I actually just felt guilty.. guilty that I had all that I had yet I couldn't be happy or healthy, there were so many other people worse off than me, weren't there?! I ignored my inner voices, the deep pull to change things, the personal need to be who I truly was for years.

Then a chance meeting (if you believe in chance) led me to Viv, a powerful Shaman, who became my spiritual teacher. Over 12 years she showed me how Shamanic energy healed, how it held rich information and most importantly she helped me remember how I could use it to help others. She traveled with me to Peru where I learned from the Indigenous Shamans from the Amazon Jungle and showed me how to open up to my own spiritual wisdom, the wisdom of Eons that I hold within me.

This journey into Shamanism and to Peru gave me a whole new way of being. I became whole, I found my home. Inside me.

Today, I teach my Modern Day Shaman Practice, which incorporates traditional methods of Shamanic teaching, psychology, therapeutic dialogue and a lot of my own magic, learned from Source, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and my own personal guides.

Modern Day Shamanism is a complete practice that will feed the Shaman within you, share spiritual wisdom and practice and teach you how to touch the Souls of your clients and make a profound difference in their lives.

Over the past 20 years I've come up against many challenges,and overcome them all (well, I'm still here, laughing and full of joy). For me Modern Day Shamanism is my path. It has everything I need to live a happy healthy life.

Gone is the disease, gone is the low self-esteem, gone is the lack of abundance, gone is the struggle to fit in.

I know who I am, I am no longer in hiding. Shamanic energy runs through everything I do and everything I do is better for it.

My business is abundant, consistently bringing me what I need to experience more life, more flow, more love, and touch the lives of more and more women. My work has huge impact, it brings subtle powerful changes to their beliefs, their energy, their mindset and their behaviour. My mission is to create not just a ripple effect of spiritual and personal growth, but to create a tsunami, a tidal wave of feminine power that will rise up and change the World we live in.

I believe you are here to do that too.

The spiritual realms are full of riches, for you, your business, your clients and our World. Join me and bring these riches down into our reality.

Change starts here - with you - when you step into your Shamanic power.

This is for you if:

  • You feel the pull to work with your Shamanic energy
  • Want to rise from $5k, to $10k months and beyond?
  • You are ready to come out of hiding and be a Shaman
  • Want to be able to create content that your soul clients love?
  • Want to facilitate amazing results for yourself and your clients?
  • You know you are a leader and want to step into the role
  • Want to experience more of what life has to offer?
  • You want to take your business to the next level of growth
  • Feel called to serve your clients in a deeper way
  • Know you are part of the global conscious expansion and are ready to go and take your place in it
  • Are excited to learn
  • Are committed to being more than you can imagine
  • Want this now!
  • And are ready to find a new level of personal development and be happier and healthier than ever before?

Intimate experience for only 8 special women, if it resonates and you want to talk about securing your place, message me here. I only have 6 places left, so book your application call now.

This is not for you if:

  • You are faint hearted and give up easily
  • Find it difficult to commit to personal growth
  • Look outside yourself for validation
  • Blame others for things that happen
  • Don't understand that you are responsible for your own life and what manifests within it
  • Are afraid of change
  • Find challenges difficult

My Modern Day Shaman Mastermind

A 6 Month Immersion in Energy

What it includes:

Monthly 3 hour workshops (6 in total)

A dedicated Facebook group for support, connection and accountability

Monthly PDFs detailing all the information delivered

Monthly Workbooks to help you integrate and ground the work

A private 1 hour mentoring session per month (6 in total)


The First Workshop Begins in September 2017 


Principles of the Modern Day Shaman Practice and the Code of Conduct

The Therapeutic Frame in energy and in practice

Shamanism and the Modern Day Twist

Simple Traditional Practice



Accessing the Inner Child and Embracing the Crone

The Good Enough Mother


Crystals in the Spiritual Realms


Responsibility and its role as a Modern Day Shaman

Accessing the Shadow




Our Own Filters

Birthing the blueprint of a healer

Power Animals & Mythical Creatures

Elementals & Pan


The Universal Laws

Energetic Attachments

Personal Guides

Ascended Masters, The White Brotherhood


The Archangels and the Angelic Realm

Touch and Hands on Healing

Therapeutic dialogue

PLUS Special Bonuses!

  • Expand Your Energy Expand Your Impact 6 Week Group Programme - Self Study Course (Value $997)
  • Energy Worker's Essential Toolkit E-Course (Value $97)
  • Taming Your Shadow E-Course (Value $697)
  • Money Miracles Self Study Course ($199)

PLUS Additional Guest Speakers!

Lenka Lutonska Get - Fully Booked Coach

​Transformational Business Trainer and Coach, Founder of Advantage WomanLenka Lutonska isa ‘Get Fully Booked’ coach, professional speaker, international trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, founder of Advantage Woman and a passionate believer in every woman’s right to have the life and business she truly loves.She trains the world-class women coaches and helps them to get fully booked with their dream clients.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl - Soul Brand Strategist

Sashka is a sought-after Brand Marketing Strategist powered by her full service Brand Marketing Agency BRANDSASHKA. She specializes in Branding Your Soul and helps you to Break Free Of The Marketing Mould. She works solely with Rebels, Misfits, Free-Spirits and Visionaries in the Lifestyle market. You can catch Sashka live at her annual "Mastermind Retreat in the Tyrolean Alps" or at live speaking events. She's active online and offers unforgettable Brand Marketing Bundles to help you get your Brand Marketing on track.

Sarah Arrow - Marketing Maven - How to leverage your marketing strategy: Audio trainings that will kickstart your online marketing activity (blog centric)

Sarah is internationally recognised as a top content marketer and blogger. Her websites frequently top the best websites lists on Forbes and she pulls in over one million readers per month across her blogging platform. Sarah will teach you how to market your website and attract readers and clients who will love your work.

Amanda Heisman - Holistic Food for Energy Workers - Eat for Energy

​Amanda Heisman is an Intuitive Nutrition & Energy Coach who teaches female entrepreneurs to MAXIMIZE their ENERGY and prioritize & nourish themselves so they can innovate in their industries and IMPACT the WORLD. She supports women with sugar release and eating for energy, while helping them connect and ground into intuitive eating, rather than emotional eating. And *gasp* this can all be fun and pleasurable! Amanda enjoys infusing power, joy, dance, and freedom not only into daily life, but also into the practice of eating and nourishing ourselves as well!

Samantha Bearden - DNA Restructuristrix

Samantha Bearden is a Star Shaman and DNA Restructure Method Creatrix. Her life’s mission is to activate and restructure the DNA of over 1,000,000 people through marrying the physical DNA to the etheric DNA and removing seals placed on the Earth’s grid and the DNA. Seeing people access higher dimensions and their higher selves, connecting instantly with source energy, and helping them heal through incredibly powerful, channelled meditations is what she lives for. When she's not jammin with the DNA she’s enjoying the festivities New Orleans offers year round, jamming out to music, or enjoying time with her 3 children and her friends.

Autumn Dabrow - Traditional Copywriting vs Conscious Copywriting: Selling Love, Not Fear

​Autumn Darbrow is a Soul-Connected Copy Coach & Writer. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs reveal their message in a way that’s authentic to them, connects with their ideal buyer, and converts. She has a bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and Editing and a master’s degree in Writing, with an emphasis on short fiction. She’s worked in several marketing agencies, educational institutions, and literary publications on both coasts of the US. Free time is spent playing with her daughter, enjoying nature, and reading.

Tracy Gaudet - Organizing, Time Management and Delegation for Healers and Coaches

Tracy Gaudet is an intuitive online business alchemist and empowerment coach. She mentors, guides and energetically aligns change maker entrepreneurs so they can flourish and shine through stepping into their power, stepping up their game and doing exactly what they came here to do! Tracy uses many tools that enhance this experience for her clients, from her law of attraction coaching, reading and healing energy, limiting beliefs and mindset to her strategic and marketing know-how of what it takes to run a successful online business.

Shamanic work is the most powerful spiritual practice. It teaches you to see a human with a bi-focal view. You see their physical life and you see their spiritual life. The Modern Day Shaman's job is to bring the spiritual potential closer to the human being so that they can truly live their potential.

This course will show you how to do that. You will learn from your own experience which is always the Shamanic way. You will be initiated through your own challenges, this is how a true Shaman heals others, by being Shaman, seeing what others can't, moving through energy and different dimensions, understanding the human condition and creating a space where it can be celebrated.

You will become a master of energy, you will reach new clients in new ways and see profound shifts in them. You will be the energy behind the tsunami of change, change for a better world, change as we rise up and bring forth ancient traditions into the Modern Day.

I know you feel it, the urgency for change. I know you see it, our World in healing crisis.

I know you are ready to be the change to want to see.

Push away fear of being seen

 Silence your saboteur who tells you its easier to stay where you are

This opportunity is presenting itself to you now, for a reason.

The reason is you are ready to be Shaman and to make an impact for the greater good.

Moving into the role of Shaman will be the best decision you've ever made for your life and your business. Allowing that energy to birth through you and manifest the most amazing results for yourself and your clients.

Megan Moore

...Operating at new levels of energy, fully connected to my higher self.

Working with Sarah is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. It has been the true gift of homecoming, to ME! Her spiritual teachings are vast and permeated all areas of my life. I am in awe at her expert ability to facilitate energy, both hers and my own. I have learned more about myself, and my true soul path, than I ever thought possible!

Each week I discovered another layer that informed my work, relationships, and the way I view the world around me both seen and unseen. Each session was tailored to my specific needs. Sarah had an amazing way of holding my highest good at the heart of every session and interaction. I felt safe, held, and fully supported throughout my journey. Sarah is open, refreshingly honest, and straightforward with a gentle finesse. She is a true Shaman and healer in the very highest sense.

Before working with Sarah I was struggling to even call myself a healer, and now I understand my gifts and mission, and have the confidence to share with others. Sarah believed in me in ways I never did and brought out the best by showing me the parts of myself I had long forgotten. Many of her teachings acted as a mirror to reflect back what I have been unable or unwilling to see about myself. She empowered me with tools to do the deep healing work I needed, while holding space for me to experiment and learn. She equally challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone while being my biggest supporter in that process.

Now my inner light is shining more brightly than ever before, and I am operating at new levels of energy, fully connected to my higher self. I will forever be grateful for her showing me who I truly am, and can’t wait to continue my work with her!

Whitney Mullings Soul Brand Therapist

...My business has uplevelled, attracting and working with new Soul clients, which has been so fulfilling.

I wanted to be of service to my soul clients in business. To do that I needed to work on myself on a deeper level.

Sarah literally showed up, and I knew she was my teacher within the first 5 minutes of talking to her for the first time. My energy, vibration, language and business shifted instantly. I now have understanding on where I gave my personal power away.

I now know how to take it back, I know how to manage and protect my own energy and also how to effectively read my client’s.

My business has uplevelled, attracting and working with new Soul clients, which has been so fulfilling.

I feel happier and on a high and I understand my emotions when I am not. Because of this awareness I am also a better mom, wife and friend.

What I love most about Sarah is she walks her talk. She leads by example.

I felt so so so supported during the time working with Sarah.

The amount of changes I’ve experienced  have been life changing in all aspects, everything that is important to me has grown. What is more, I am so excited to go into Sarah’s year long apprenticeship to study further with her.


Why do I need to apply?

This is a select Mastermind that works with energy, the application process makes sure that we are a good fit and that your energy works with the rest of the group

What happens when I apply?

You will be directed to a scheduling system to book your call. Sarah will join you to connect and talk about securing your place on the Mastermind.

If I am successful what do I do?

When you join the Mastermind you will be asked to make your payment to secure your place and you will be sent the Expand your Energy Expand your Impact Self Study Programme for you to begin. A rich journey within to shift any residual blocks in your way so that you can truly step into the energy of expansion in the Mastermind

We begin in September.

There are only 6 out of 8 places available

Book Yours Now

1 Payment 

$6000 One Time Payment

Monthly Payments 

6 Payments of $1111