Top 3 Limiting Beliefs and How to Shift Them

I’ve just spent this past weekend at an extraordinary event, it was called Extraordinary Live.

It was, well, Extraordinary….. and, what’s more, I got to chat and mingle with a packed room of entrepreneurs.  AND, event MORE, I got to find out what was going down within them. 

It was so interesting, I learned that our self internalised limitations are all very similar.

We all manage to trip ourselves up right when we are running effortlessly to the finish line.

I thought I’d share the top 3 struggles I heard these Extraordinary Entrepreneurs talk about with you.

Number 1, Core Limiting Belief:

Fear of success or failure.

These two play off against each other, with the insidious mind chatter of, I wont’ even try in case I fail, its too hard and I might fail, I’ve never succeeded so I’m obviously going to fail.  All excuses as to why its scary to succeed.  This is fear of your own greatness, this is a self fulfilling prophecy designed by your unconscious to keep you safe, because, your light is too bright, you are too shiny and you are too powerful.

AND….. even the most seemingly successful of us still play around with this push me – pull me energy inside their own being.

How to shift it!

  1. Track back to the last time you felt you failed
  2. Track back to a failure 10 years ago
  3. Track back to the first time you remember failing.
  4. Ask yourself, who decided these experiences were failures?
  5. Look at what you learned from the situation, its a good idea to come above it as the observer
  6. What actions led you to the outcome? Can you see how the actions were successes in their own right?
  7. What expectation did you have at the time?
  8. Can you see that in hindsight your expectation closed down the energy?
  9. Can you see also in hindsight that this ‘failure’ was actually a ‘next step’ on your path?
  10. Sit in gratitude for the experience, the learning and the growth that occurred.
  11. Celebrate your life since then.
  12. Celebrate all that you are now.

Number 2, Core Limiting Belief

Searching for perfection.

This is self sabotage BIG TIME.  Perfection is out of reach, you can never achieve it, you have never experienced it.  We are imperfect beings and this is what is SO perfect about our existence.  It is in our imperfection that we find growth, and self growth is what it is all about, our whole purpose is to BE.

Perfection is all about perception.  It comes from a need to be love, to be seen, to be heard.  If that wasn’t felt as a small child, that child will try over and over to be better, to be good, to be perfect in order to be heard, seen, loved.

How to shift it!

  1. Ask yourself who you are trying to be perfect for now?
  2. Ask yourself why you want to be perfect?
  3. Ask yourself is it ok to be perfect in your imperfection?
  4. Act now on something you had previously wanted to be perfect and settle for 80% good.
  5. Journal how that felt, the sense of accomplishment in actually overcoming your need for perfection.
  6. Sit in gratitude for all that you are, golden sparks, shadow and light.
  7. Celebrate your now, in its imperfect state.

Number 3, Core Limiting Belief

Doing Doing Doing

Being busy doing is a deeply embedded need to feel worthy of existing.  Being busy and working hard is something you learned you had to do to succeed.  Having lots on is a way of numbing yourself to your inner world and what is really happening within you.

The thing here is, if you rationalise I am good enough and then have to prove it by doing something that core belief is still there.  If you understand that others have their own journey and challenges, yet still take what they do or say personally, your inner child and inner critic need to talk to each other.  And if you feel knuckling down, and working hard will bring you success on its own you’re ignoring the Universal Law that ‘like attracts like’.  

Your energetic frequency needs to be vibrating on worthy, on abundance, on YEAH BABY bring success on!

Doing Doing Doing is proving yourself to someone, either a father, a mother or a teacher, who didn’t recognise an achievement that took a lot of doing, therefore proving that you weren’t really good enough and needed to ‘do’ much more.

How to shift it!

  1. Stop all things
  2. Ask yourself is this simple, easy and fun
  3. Give yourself a treat and disconnect for a couple of days
  4. Work on your energy, focus on your being good enough to be you.
  5. Listen to your mind chatter
  6. Reframe your mind chatter from negative to positive
  7. Sit in gratitude for all you can do and all that you are
  8. Celebrate your ability to exist without doing.

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“I’ve had the ability to lead and inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves since I was a young girl. However, as many women, at pivotal points in my life what IS natural for me became clouded by the filters of society that suggests women should “be seen and not heard.” So I muffled my voice.

Working with Sarah has helped me to clearly see the core and true essence of who I am. I’ve embraced the great vision of who I am and the power of my calling to lead and support other executives and leaders to powerfully serve the world.” Dr S Fleming

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