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Date: 27th August 

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I speak to female business owners, perhaps like yourself, every day and I hear a lot of common themes.

Growing their business, reaching revenue goals they had set themselves and yet... nothing has changed

Achieving certain revenue goals was supposed to relieve stress... not add to it right?

How they feel stuck on an endless hamster wheel and going nowhere fast.

They often come to me at the point of burnout, trying to figure out where it went wrong.

They have learned ALL the strategies, all the blueprints, all the guides and yet although they have seen some growth in their business, they have now reached an invisible ceiling and they can’t seem to break through it.


Connect with your future, create your big exciting vision

I don’t just mean setting goals… you already did this. There is a BIG difference between setting a goal and CONNECTING with your future.


Overcome the past, limiting beliefs (yes we all have them) & TRULY embody a new way of thinking

We hear the chat around limiting beliefs, you probably even are the type of person that takes personal responsibility for your business… you know the sticking point is you…. That’s why you’re here. I will show you how you can really break those beliefs, acknowledge those embedded thought processes and understand what you need to do to grow.


In the NOW - You have to unblock & activate pineal gland

Your pineal gland is your spiritual antennae. In the modern world it becomes calcified, and well….lazy, because we don’t use it. Unblocking this will open up a whole load of insight and serendipitous experiences. 

This training will truly show you how to unlock your potential and thus your businesses potential. I will show you how you can utilise the 30,000 year old practice for your benefit! So don’t miss out on this FREE training

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Who Am I?

I am known as the Modern Day Shaman®, and that’s the 30,000 year old practice I am referring to and I’ll tell you about it and how you can use it on the training.

I am here to inspire and empower you.

Why? Because I believe we change the World from within, one person at a time.

I am not your every day mentor.

I am a master of energy, I look into the unseen, the hidden and make the impossible real.

I show you how to untangle your energetic patterns and live life as your very own super hero.

In a nutshell, I reach into the twisted mess of your inner world and show you how to understand and accept all that you are.

I have a saying… ‘the best is yet to come!’.


7 day energy reset meditations

When you sign up for this FREE masterclass I will also send you my 7 day energy reset programme. This is a 7 day series of meditations which will leave you feeling refreshed and energized

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